1-2-3 Jump! Trampoline is finally here!

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Emerald City Trapeze Trampoline Beginner Trampoline

Calling all new (or ‘new-ish’) bouncers!  Jump-start your skills with this comprehensive beginner trampoline class.  Class begins with a gentle warm-up and bouncers will move on to drills, skills and thrills.  With a focus on form and fun, new bouncers will learn how to safely jump on the Euro-trampoline and perform basic tricks like the Seat Drop, the Swivel Hip, Back Drop, Front Drop, Cradles and Cruise.  Get ready to bounce your way to better balance, a stronger core and a ton of fun!  (Ages 12 and up.  Socks must be worn on the Euro-trampoline at all times.)

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Intermediate Trampoline

Trampoline-1You have learned to drop, swivel and cruise… now get ready to flip! Intermediate trampoline classes will get you head over heels and safely back to your feet.  With tricks like the Front and Back Tucks, Pikes and Layouts on the menu, jumpers will be working on mastering their time in the air.  Classes will include a warm-up, drill of the day, floor stations and a cool-down.  A timed bounce during each class will give students a way to create a baseline of their skills and then measure their progress.  (Pre-requisites for Intermediate Trampoline are completion of Beginner Trampoline required skills or Instructor approval.  Socks must be worn at all times on the Euro Trampoline.)

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Tumbling + Trampoline! Combo Class

The Combo class is designed to take your trampoline skills one step further… to the mats!  Students will work on transferring what they are learning on the trampoline to the tumbling floor.  With dual spotting and instruction, students will safely and seamlessly integrate their trampoline tricks into tumbling treats!  (All levels are welcome.  Socks must be worn at all times on the Euro Trampoline.)  

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