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Beginning Pole Dancing:Pole Dancing at Emerald City Trapeze

Pole Dance for Beginners is a fun and upbeat pole dance class that combines contemporary, hip hop and club dance styles with spins, tricks and climbs of pole dancing. This class will keep you moving, grooving, stretching, and strengthening.  You will learn how to how to fluidly transition in between movements, execute a set of beginner pole moves with grace, and prepare your body with conditioning exercises that will help you progress to more advanced tricks quickly. Prepare to have fun, sweat, and challenge yourself. 

Rate: $25 – or use your Pole Pass! 



powerpolefinal Power Pole Moves

This class is an introduction to advanced strength maneuvers. These moves require full body strength, but focus mainly on upper body and core for their execution. We will explore such moves as shoulder mount, split grip elbow hold (aka Ayesha) and handsprings using various hand positions. Students will be taken through a warm up specific to the lesson plan for that day and then given proper body mechanics and conditioning exercises so that the maneuver can be executed with good form while minimizing chance for injury. Students will learn a power move each week working from the ground up with floor mounts and/or spins to develop awareness of their body as it moves through the manuver and to build strength and confidence to do the same maneuver up high from an invert.

Schedule: September 8-Sept. 2
Mondays: 5:45-7:15
Rate: $100 or Drop-In $30

Spinning Pole Dancing Class Emerald City TrapezeSpinning Pole Dance Class

This series is designed to feel the variations of spinning pole (as opposed to static pole) and play with the element of momentum.  The degree of difficulty in the spins and transitions will change each week as we progress.  Beginner Spinning series will help condition students for static pole while also familiarizing them with the physics of spinning pole.  Students will be challenged and encouraged to step out of their static comfort zone!

Rate: $100 for 4 classes or drop-in for $30

Schedule: August 14th – Sept 4th


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