Celebrate National Coffee Day!

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National Coffee Day is today, September 29th! There is nothing quite like sipping fresh coffee on a rainy morning. Here in Seattle, we get our fair share of drizzly days. These amazing coffee mugs will inspire you to get out of bed and into the studio. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Content Rated for Awesome Mug:

Ready to day-dream at work? The instructions are simple – set this mug on your desks and dream about flying. Thinking about skipping lunch to come flying? Do it. You can purchase this flying trapeze mug at Zazzle.

Trapeze Coffee Mug Seattle


Need I say more? Don’t sleep walk your way into the studio. Grab this mug, your favorite blend of coffee, and run to your favorite class! Must…Go…Swinging mug can be found on Zazzle.

Must go swinging

Evolution – Caveman to Flying Trapeze:

Did you hear the cowbell ring? I did. You just successfully graduated from caveman status! Sip your coffee from this mug and feel the evolutionary juices flow, as you prep for your next class. Trapeze evolution mug can be found on Zazzle.

Flying Trapeze Evolution Mug