Oliver Pavick’s Workshops! Pole & Lyra

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Are you looking for an incredible experience and phenomenal instructor? Oliver Pavick will inspire you to reach greater heights. He was featured in Carnevolar V: The Funhouse, placed 2nd at the Pole Expo, placed as a finalist in the Pole Sport Organization National, and 3rd in the Atlantic Pole Championship. Workshops are filling up fast!

Snap, Crackle & Pop (Pole)
All Levels
Taking movements that can work at various speed and understanding how you can use them to create a visually stimulating segment within a routine. No need to rush, take it slow, then create a dynamic moment to emphasize your musicality. We will be talking about music theory/rhythm and working with songs that have specific pops & glitches. (songs will be presented to all students for prior listening)

Drop and Lock (Lyra)
Intermediate – Advance
Let’s explore those scary death defying drops and catches. We will be working on techniques to ensure a safe entrance and exit out of each dynamic movement.

Stretch, Press & Twist (Pole)

All Levels
Let’s adventure into the inverted world of getting in and out of a handspring, ayesha and your russian split. We will be working on various combinations to help you find the way your body likes to move into these skills.

Call to book: 206-906-9442

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