NEW CLASSES – Learn Aerial Silks, Stage Makeup, and Act Development at Emerald City Trapeze!

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Meet Bunny

Visiting instructor for Aerial Silks, Stage Make-up, and Act Development!
Bunny has been directing and producing shows with touring troupe, the Vespertine Circus, for the last five years. Based out of Oakland, California, she’s visiting Seattle until the end of March to come join the Emerald City Trapeze Arts crew and make some magic. A life-long painter and thespian, Bunny brings her theatrical and visual-art experience to all things circus with gusto. Her focuses when performing are clowning and aerial silks, but she’s been known to dance with fire, or hop on a tight-wire when the occasion calls for it.

Get ready for classes that will change the way you perform! Bunny is offering classes in both Stage Make-up and Act Development! If you are looking for a fun way to improve your skills or you are interested in learning more about a new art form, these classes will equip you with the techniques, tools, and knowledge to transform you from newbie to make-up artist extraordinaire!

Check out Emerald City Trapeze’s new classes!

Act DevelopmentEmerald City Trapeze Guest Instructor Stage Makeup Aerial Silks and Act Development

Sunday and Tuesday at 6:00pm

$30/ per class

A class for all circus disciplines! Ready to get on stage? Come take the tricks and mechanics you have in your tool-kit and turn them into an act. We’ll work with theater and dance exercises, explore shapes, leads, and storytelling tactics to make thought-provoking and audience pleasing works. Bring a pen and paper for best results. (2 hours)

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Stage Makeup and Face Painting Series

January 18th – February 8th (4 classes)

Sundays 3:00pm – 5pm

$100 for the series

How to look your circus best! Tips from a pro preparing you to work with many different types of materials, from grease-paint & body-paints, to drugstore brands. We’ll look at color layering, contouring, brush-strokes, design, stencils, and skin care so your face forgives you at the end of a week of shows. If you can, please bring a small round paintbrush, a large flat paintbrush, and either Wolfe or Paradise brand black & white face-paints to practice with. Attainable at theater stores or online at (2 hours)

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Aerial Bootcamp 

Saturday at 12pm

$25 per class

Aerial Boot Camp: A blend of strength conditioning and flexibility training, peppered with ballet drills, isolation work, and silly faces. Come here to polish up your stage presence, body awareness, and aerial endurance in one fell swoop. All exercises will be done with attention to rhythm and musicality to keep you on point and on beat when it’s time to perform.

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If you are ready to take your act or performance piece to the next level, Bunny will help you with your artistic expression, form and story-telling!