Emerald City Trapeze Arts – Pay Per Swing – Beginners Are Welcome!

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Emerald City Trapeze Pay Per Swing - Learn Flying Trapeze!

Emerald City Trapeze Pay Per Swing - Learn Flying Trapeze!

Thinking about trying a class at Emerald City Trapeze? We invite you to join us for an evening of excitement, thrill, and trapeze! Emerald City Trapeze is located just 10 minutes from downtown Seattle. Bring your friends for our Pay Per Swing session where you will have the chance to fly through the air for just $5 per swing. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through ground school, your first knee hang, and then you will have the chance to try for a catch if you hear the cowbell ring!

This is a fantastic time to bring the whole family for an evening of fun. If your child is interested in coming to our Circus Summer Camp in July, this is a great way to watch your child learn the basics and try their first attempt on the flying trapeze! Our environment cultivates an atmosphere of encouragement, cheering, and that feeling of “I can do it!” We look forward to seeing all ages join us for adventure, laughter, and incredible accomplishments!


Tuesday, May 5th

Pay Per Swing is from 7pm – 9pm

Catching will take place at 7:45pm and 8:45pm

Fee: $5/swing (if you get a cowbell, you get 1 free attempt at a catch. If you need to try again, it’s just $5!)

Age: 5 +