Hand to Hand Workshop – August 28th

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Hand to Hand Workshop – August 28th

14002337_10155568059267588_528057810_oAbout the instructor!

Xiao-Ling has a background in dance and sports acrobatics, where she was ranked second in the world, and her partner is a graduate from the circus university in Stockholm, and he has done numerous shows with Cirque Du Soleil. His photos and videos reveal his expert level and true attention to detail.

Basic Hand to Hand Workshop – 90 min

In our basic hand to hand class we teach the fundamentals of partner acrobatics, and is a good class for anyone working on or interested in partner work. We do not focus on specific tricks, but rather on how to work with your partner, how to train safely, and what things to look out for while training. If you are new to partner work, we will give you a solid foundation, and if you have been working for a while, we will help you clean up your technique on the level you are at.

  • Fundamentals of partner work
Hand to Hand Workshop Petter Linsky
    • Leading and following
    • Sharing weight
    • Taking care of your partner
  • Handstands (flyers AND bases)

    • Basic handstands and progressions
    • Presses and how to train the
    • Spotting each other in progression
  • Balance
    • Staying grounded!
    • Grips and variations!
    • Searching softly!
  • Dynamic
    • Fundamentals of catching and throwing
    • Using momentum

Hand to Hand Workshop Details:
Sunday, August 28, 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Minimum # of students – 3
Maximum # of students – 8
No pre-requisites
Rate: $50 per student

Book your class online or call the studio at: (206) 906-9442

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