NEW Pole-ography & Pole Clinic

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Both new classes will start in April! 


All Levels Poleography is a movement-focused class for students to explore freestyling, learn polechoreography, and improve as performers. Class will include either a fully choreographed short dance or will run more loosely as a movement exploration around one or more predetermined tricks. Class content will focus on fluidity, creating new transitions on the floor and in the air, becoming comfortable with improvised movement, engaging an audience, and musicality. Heels are encouraged but not mandatory.

Prerequisites: at least some pole experience on static or spinning pole.
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Pole Clinic:

Pole Clinic is an open level, supervised time for independent pole practice. Students should bring in tricks, sequences, choreography, etc. that they would like to work on. This is the perfect class to condition for open pole, to practice a competition piece, to dissect nemesis transitions and tricks, to grab an instructor for a spot, or to simply draw inspiration from open-ended movement. Instructor will lead a 15-20 minute warmup, but will not instruct new material. Prerequisites: at least 3-6 intro or beginner level pole classes or instructor approval.

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