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Teeterboard Dismounts

Have you ever wondered how Teeterboard artists are able to dismount with so much power and grace? Teeterboard Dismounts will teach you body positioning and timing that will allow you to improve your show-stopping dismounts.

The first half of the class will include work on the Trampoline. The second half of the class will take your newfound skills and apply them to the Teeterboard. As you begin to learn the basics, your dismounts will greatly improve, and you will soon be ready to take on bigger and more complex tricks!

Traditional Acrobatics (Tumbling)

Dive into the world of acrobatics with Traditional Acrobatics. You will learn cartwheels, round-offs, dive rolls, and hand springs in this invigorating class! As you begin your journey, you will learn to take movement to the next level by incorporating proper Acrobatic technique and language into your skill set. Once you dip your toes into Acrobatics, you will find the whole circus world opens up!

Active Flex

Have you ever craved the perfect splits or beautiful lines? With active flex you will learn to better hold your splits on the ground and in the air. This class is perfect for any aerialist who is looking to fix or improve their flexibility, lines, and body position. Active Flex will help you reach your goals through partner stretching, elastic work, and strength exercises.

Tramp for Trap

Ready to learn or improve your layouts, ½ turns, suicides (swan dives), or pirouettes? Have you ever wanted to feel more comfortable with the net? Tramp for Trap is the perfect class for practicing these tricks while familiarizing yourself the net.

In Tramp for Trap, you will learn to use the trampoline in order to create rotation and lift. You will practice body positioning, dynamic movement, timing, and twisting to achieve your goals. Additional focus will be placed on learning bed-skills from your back or stomach (Kodys and Kabooms).

All levels of Trampoline or Flying Trapeze experience are welcome!

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