Cyr Wheel Workshop with Cirque du Soleil Performers – Angelica and Rachel

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Angelica and Rachel are currently performing with Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia (in Redmond until May 21st). Angelica was born and raised in LA where she got her start in dance and rhythmic gymnastics. She moved to Montreal in 2007 to attend the National Circus School and since graduation has worked for many companies including Cirque Eloize and has won silver medals at five different international circus festivals. Rachel was born and raised in New York City, where she studied ballet and modern dance. She worked as a professional dancer for four years before transitioning into circus and attending the National Circus School in Montreal from 2012-2015.

May 8th – Cyr Wheel: Angelica and Rachel’s approach to Cyr Wheel is heavily influenced by dance and puts an emphasis on musicality. This workshop will focus on new skills and how to create fluid transitions and create phrases of movement as opposed to just executing the tricks. We will also work on refining pre-existing sequences and discovering the small details that will help to personalize basic tricks. Come prepared with questions and skills you might be interested in learning as well as a few moves you already master to build a sequence. And don’t worry if you aren’t quite there yet technically, we will be able to split up into levels and teach more of the basics as needed. If you have music you like to spin to feel free to bring it!

Pre-requisites: All levels (Min 5 people, max 12 people)
Cost: $80
Duration: 2 hours


Rachel (Cyr Wheel)
Angelica (Cyr Wheel)
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