Dance Series with Jack Russell – Starts May 19th!

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Starting on Saturday, May 19th!

Learn to develop a basic understanding of dance through form and weight. We will end this series with a final showing of self-derived movement on the last day.

Clothing should be easy to move in (a la yoga-style)


Price: $180 / 6 week series 
1. Day One: Ballet Basics: Finding Your Lines
Beginning Pilates warm up
Finding your rotation
Position and Lines Breakdown: 1 st , 2 nd , 5 th , Plie, Relevve, Sus-sous, Tendu, Degage, Retire, Rond de Jambe, Developpe, Grand Battement
Center: Tendus, Waltz, Pirouettes, Jumps, Leaps

2. Day Two: Modern Basics: Intro into Undercurves, Over Curves, High Arches, Human Dance
Beginning Pilates, X on the Floor warm up
Stretch Sequence
Upper Body Curves: Contractions, High Contraction, Arch, Rotations, Around the World
Small Feet: Tendu, Degage, Weight transfer, Balances, Side Bending
Across the floor, triplets, Leg Swings, Handstands Developpes
Moving through space with contractions.

3. Day Three: Weight, Breath In and Out of the Floor

Pilates Leg Pull Series, Hip Strengthening
X, falling and rolling
Stretch Sequence
Upper Body Curves, Small Feet, Leg Swings
Across the Floor: Handstands, Monkeys, Cartwheels, Spiraling to the Floor

4. Day Four: Graham and Pilates
Beginning Pilates with Full Leg Pull Series
Graham Floor Sequence, Bounces, Contractions, Turns Around the Back,
Dolphins, Long Leans, Pleading
Graham Center: Tendus, Plies, Standing Contractions, Bison Practice, Jumps
Across the Floor: Triplets, Turning Triplets, Running Bisons, Skips, Sparkles, Bison Leaps.
Pilates Back Series.

5. Day Five: Contact and Partnering
Rolling across the floor, Bananas, Hollow Bodies
Surfing, Princess Seat, Lizard on a Rock (Giving weight)
Counter weight, Ice Cream Scoop and Slipping, Drunken Sailor (Pouring Weight)
Rotation Lifts

6. Dynamics and Space: Laban Principles for Developing Movement
Laban Cube (Directions in Space)
Spatial Relations (View Points Grid)

Sagittal, Transverse, Coronal (Planes) Dynamics (Efforts)
Dynamic Actions (Punch, Press, Wring, Slash, Poke, Flick, Float, Glide)
Building Material


Meet Jack! 

My name is Jack Russell.  I am a Graduate of Cornish College of the Arts with a
BFA in Dance.  Since attending Cornish I have apprenticed for a Shakespeare
Company, performed in a project in Portland and taken part in Strictly Seattle for
two years in which the Seattle Times appraised my performance of "Pigeon"
choreographed by Anna Conner.  As part of Cornish Dance Theatre I have
performed in pieces by Wade Madsen, Iyun Harrison, Dayna Hanson, and Marie
Chong.  I have choreographed for New Moves and spent my Junior Spring
Semester abroad in Italy where I performed in several different shows and
integrated dance and physical theatre into my improvisational practices.  I've also
been studying Aerial Silks for two years now.
On top of dancing I am a Personal Trainer, specializing in Nutrition and
Corrective Exercises.  I am also an aspiring chef, mostly at home but taught
mainly through classes taken in Seattle and in Europe.  I have a drag persona
named Fabula Thorn.

I am a kinetic performer.   I tend to create mostly dance-theatre pieces.  I am a
very animated theatrical performer.  I am also very determined, I enjoy spending
time discovering, analysing, and fixing.  In my work I produce my own
Tanztheater by setting a mixture of improvised scores, motifs and personal
vocabulary.  My goals are to have each performer access every part of their
psyche.  The performance should be a catharsis and discovery for both the
performer and the audience.  I aim for performer and audience to discover their
shadows through performance art.

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