NEW Trampwall Workshop with Jake Hinga! January 25th!

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Friday, January 25, 2019 at 7:30pm
NEW Trampwall Workshop with Jake Hinga:

Learn how to walk the wall, basic skills like swan, cradle, turns, dropping in, landing positions and fundamental technique for trampoline and wall.

Class cost: $60.00

Workshop Breakdown:
15 minute warmup
45 minute straight trampoline skillwork focusing on technique for wall
35 minutes trampwall
15 minutes skill of student choice
10 minutes cool down.

Required materials: exercise clothes, Trampwall shoes (ideally ASICS matflex or Feiyue Bushidos. Any thin, clean, flat soled shoe will do otherwise), and a positive attitude ready to learn.

Pre reqs: Intermediate Trampoline or coach’s approval. Must be 10 and older.

Jacob (Jake’s) Bio:
Jake has 6 years of coaching experience. He has performed for SeaWorld, Six Flags, and come February will be joining Big Apple Circus!

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