Summer Memberships! Save BIG!

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Save BIG With Our Summer Membership Passes!

Aerial and Circus 3-month pass: $1100

Flying Trapeze 3-month pass: $1500

Unlimited Flying Trapeze, Circus, and Aerial 3-month pass: $1800

Call our front desk to purchase! (206) 906-9442

Membership Policies

All passes are non-refundable. Only annual passes can be transferred for a fee of $200; all other passes are non-transferable. 3-Month Memberships may be placed “on hold” for up to 1 week (7 consecutive days). 6-Month Memberships may be placed “on hold” for up to 2 weeks in 7-consecutive-day segments (1 segment of 14 days, or 2 segments of 7 days each).

Class Attendance Policy

In addition to unlimited classes (based on the individual membership), students also receive up to three (3) complimentary unattended classes (“No Shows” {Not coming to class} or “Late Cancellations” {Canceling within 24 hours of the start of the class}). After the student’s third (3rd) unattended class, the student will be charged $20.00 per unattended Flying Trapeze class and $10 for Aerial or Circus classes. The student must have a valid credit card associated with their profile in Bookeo in order to hold a membership. If it so happens that a credit card is considered void, expired or otherwise unable to be charged, the ECTA membership will be considered forfeit. For each iteration of late-cancellation / no show fee, ECTA will charge the student’s current credit card on file, and the student will be informed via email or phone immediately prior to charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase my membership pass now but use it later?

No. The membership passes start at the time of purchase. If you currently have credits, you can either use your credits and then purchase a pass, or you are welcome to use a pass and then save your other credits for later. Class credits do not expire.

What happens if I get injured and can’t use my card for a while?

All passes are non-refundable. Only annual passes can be transferred for fee of $200. If a balance is remaining on account, customers can request that a pro-rated amount is returned to their student account. Dollar figure can be used for any future class purchases.

How do I purchase a membership pass?

Please visit or call the front desk. (206) 906-9442