Aerial Straps Workshops With Joey!

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Flags and Switches Workshop


The back flag is one of those tricks that you never stop working on. Whether or not you can hold one on your own or are just starting to learn, they are fascinating for body awareness. A tremendous number of ways exist to get in and out of them, as well as nuances to the hold depending on body types. There are so many ways to work toward your goals in whatever your favorites are, 2hrs can be barely enough to get warmed up!

Prerequisites: 10 tuck ups, 5 bent arm straddle ups, 30 sec dead hang, 5 skin the cats, 5 meathooks, and 10-sec mini high planche hold

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Intro to Aerial Straps Workshop — Starts May 1st!

The fundamentals of aerial straps are often lost when learning the basics. This is a unique apparatus when it comes to wrist mobility and engagement. You will learn how to learn these things to your advantage. Where the movement begins and how to save strength are important tools to keep you moving forward on this sometimes-intimidating apparatus. Even for advanced students, it can be mind-blowing to go back to the basics when feeling stuck. Sometimes all you need to perfect that thing you have been trying to nail is to go back to where it all began.

Prerequisites: 30 shoulder shrugs, 10 tuck ups, 5 bent arm straddle ups, 30-sec dead hang, 3 skin the cats, and 3 meathooks.

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About Joey

About Joey: Joey was brought up in the suburban treetops along the California coast unaware that his discontent for feet on the ground would translate to the aerial arts. He was called to the stage by way of a gender performance group called the Disposable Boy Toys and spent four years touring the country with this lively group of misfits. During his travels, he found a larger group of misfits known as circus freaks. One swing on the flying trapeze and he was hooked! Today he trains on 6 different types of trapeze! Now teaches and performs on flying trapeze, dance trapeze, and aerial straps. His love for the circus arts is sure to be infectious. Book Online: