This Could Be the Day You Fly!

Whether you’ve been practicing your aerial skills for decades, or it’s your very first time on a trapeze bar, we offer a broad spectrum of classes available to all skill levels.  The thrill of hopping off a platform 30 feet in the air, the challenge of balancing in your first handstand, the satisfaction that comes from completing that last pull-up you thought impossible… all can be realized within the playground of Emerald City Trapeze Arts. Taught by circus professionals, our classes are designed to accommodate people from every type of athletic background (or none!).  Our confident and capable instructors will supportively encourage you to achieve your personal goals, no matter how lofty! We’re ready to walk with you into the wild and wonderful world of the circus… sign up today and begin the journey! Note: Classes may end early at the instructor’s discretion as fatigue increases risk. 

Class Calendars

Frequent Flyer, Shakedown, and Aerial Cards

If you love circus arts as much as we do (and that’s a lot!), you may find yourself interested in one of our Frequency Cards. We offer Class Cards in 5, 10 and 20-punches for our Flying Trapeze Classes, 10 and 20-punches for our Aerial Classes and 10-punches for our Shakedown classes. Get yours today to save a bundle on classes, and maximize your fun!

Frequent Flyer Cards (valid for any 2-hour flying trapeze class, 24-hour cancellation policy in effect):

  • 5-class card – $228
  • 10-class card – $432
  • 20-class card – $768
  • 10-class KIDS-ONLY card – $300 (valid only for our 1-hour, kids-only classes)

Frequent Aerial Cards (valid for any aerial class $30 or less, 48-hour cancellation policy in effect):

  • 10-class card – $269
  • 20-class card – $449

Frequent Shakedown Card (valid for any shakedown class $25 or less, 48-hour cancellation policy in effect)

  • 10-class card – $225
“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”Leonardo da Vinci

High Flying Trapeze

From absolute beginner to aspiring circus professional, we offer Flying Trapeze classes for all levels. First-time students are welcomed into the fold and inducted into the world of flying trapeze through our Ground School, a 20-30 minute introduction to the rig, take-off techniques, flight, their first trick, and their dismount into the net. During the remaining 90 minutes, students will take turns flying through the air on our full-sized trapeze rig, practicing the knee-hang trick, and if they are ready by the end of class, even ‘going for the catch’ with one of our experienced instructors. As students advance and gain confidence (which is generally by the end of their first class), we introduce new tricks that develop spatial awareness. Returning students build their repertoire of tricks, learn to properly and powerfully swing, work ‘in hands’ with the catcher and return back to the bar, eventually remounting the board. Prerequisites: We encourage students of all athletic (or not!) backgrounds and abilities to give it a try. It requires much less strength and flexibility than you can imagine to have a fun and successful first class! Students must be 6 years or older and under 250 pounds to fly. Beginners are welcome to all classes, excluding “Frequent Flyer” and “Tricks & Locks” classes.

Flying Classes

Whether you are signing up for this package or giving it as a gift, the 1-2-3 Beginner’s Flying Trapeze Package is perfect for anyone who is interested in getting on the rig for the very first time! The class will focus on technique, safety, form, and fun! By the end of three classes, you will feel confident flying through the air, performing tricks, and being caught by one of our professional catchers.

Rate: $150


Save $35 by booking this special introductory package!

Package includes three 2-hour lessons.


  • 6 years or older; under 250lbs

Weekday classes:

  • 10:00am and 12:30pm
  • 3:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm

Weekend classes:

  • 10:00am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm

Beginners are welcome to all classes, excluding “Frequent Flyer” and “Tricks & Locks” classes.

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2-Hour Introductory Class


  • 6 years or older; under 250lbs

Weekday classes*:

  • 10:00am and 12:30pm – $48
  • 3:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm – $53

Weekend classes*:

  • 10:00am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm – $53

Beginners are welcome to all classes, excluding “Frequent Flyer” and “Tricks & Locks” classes.

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You loved your first class, and you can’t wait to come back for more? Great news! If you plan on coming regularly to learn new tricks or train on the flying trapeze, we offer a frequency card with all kinds of perks. Our Frequent Flyer Card gives you a discounted class rate, a more lenient cancellation policy (9:30pm the night before the class), as well as access to our exclusive Frequent Flyer (FF) classes!

Frequent Flyer Class Schedule:

  • Mondays – 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Wednesdays – 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Saturdays – 3:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Sundays – 6:00pm – 8:00pm


  • 5-class card: $228
  • 10-class card: $432
  • 20-class card: $768

Frequent Flyer classes are open to any student who has purchased one of our Frequent Flyer cards (except for Thursday’s Advanced Frequent Flyer class – see prerequisites listed in Advanced Flyer Classes).

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This class is for our most advanced level of student flyers with the goal of completing round-trip-tricks out of safety lines. To this end, students will practice throwing various tricks out of lines, learn to turn to the net, execute fly-outs, work in hands with the catcher, return to the bar, and remount the board.


  • Students must be throwing at least one trick out of safety lines and must be working on their half-turn (trick), in or out of safety lines (Please contact the studio directly if you have questions about prerequisites for this class).


  • Thursdays – 6:00pm – 8:00pm
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Our Tricks & Locks class is for experienced flyers who would like to practice throwing tricks to different catchers, working in hands, and eventually returning to the bar and board. It is also for new catchers who want experience catching a variety of students and tricks both in and out of lines, calling timing, and working in hands.


  • Flyers: must swing out of lines
  • Catchers: must be trained and approved to catch at ECTA


  • Monday 8-10pm - 2 Hour Class


  • $25 for Returning Flyers
  • $15 for Returning Catchers
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Our first ever class reserved specifically for children aged 6-12 years! This is a non-catching class focusing on proper takeoff’s, tricks and dismounts to the net. Children are encouraged to continue their practice, as they gain experience, in our regular 2-hour classes. This class will build confidence and lead to greater stamina on the bar, as well as provide children with a peer group of students of a similar age and skill level. Parents, you are absolutely welcome to attend and watch your child’s progress from our viewing balcony! We have a 3-child minimum and 10-child maximum.


  • Monday and Wednesday 5pm-6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 9am-10am


  • $33 per 1-hour class
  • We also offer a 10-class Kids Frequent Flyer (KFF) Card for $300 (just $30 per class!)
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Aerial Arts

Aerial Arts Classes

Find your center of gravity in our acrobalance class, or learn to swiftly and gracefully climb the silks!  From hoop to dance pole, we’ve got many options for you to try something new, or master your existing skills.

A blend of a physical and creative exercise, cardiovascular endurance and yogic flexibility, aerial is an art that is a challenge for even the most skilled athletes (which is why we all love it!). Dance or no dance background, upper body strength or not – this is the class for you, the curious and striving beginner. We will build strength, gain flexibility, dabble in something new, and have a blast doing it. Come try the basics of any or all of the following apparatus, as determined by the instructor: static trapeze, hoop (lyra), rope (corde lisse), and silk (fabric/tissu). Warm-up, stretch, practice circus technique and form, try out different apparatus and new tricks, and meet new friends!


  • Must be 12 years or older


  • 2-Hour Class – $30
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Are you new to aerial? Have you tried a silks or trapeze class but want to explore another apparatus? Try Aerial Hoop! This single point hoop class will cover basic poses, smooth transitions, sequencing and an introduction to spinning. We will focus on clean technique, strength building and increasing flexibility.


  • Must be 12 years or older


  • 2-Hour Class – $30
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Whether you are aspiring to hang like Pink at the Grammy’s or simply improve your strength and grace, Beginner Silk is a fabulous introduction into the world of aerial arts! In this class, you will learn basic climbs, locks, hangs, inversions and wraps. Class begins and ends with conditioning drills, dance technique, and flexibility training. We learn to move safely, confidently and beautifully on the fabric.


  • Must be 12 years or older


  • 2-Hour Class – $30
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This mixed-level class is aimed at helping you gain a better understanding of the hoop, work your spin, develop transitions, and build your vocabulary. We will focus on clean technique, upper body and core strength, conditioning and stretching. More advanced students will focus on performance skills and techniques.


  • Must have some aerial experience
  • Must be able to invert
  • Must be working towards decent splits and solid single-knee hangs (Must be 12 years or older)


  • 2 Hour Class* – $30
  • Lifetime Membership Fee** – $26
  • 10-Class Card – $269 20-Class Card – $449
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Beginners: Build the fundamental techniques of aerial arts using the rope, silks, hoop and trapeze. This is an open class for beginners or those recently introduced to the activity.

Intermediate/Advanced Students: Develop your strength with advanced aerial techniques, focusing on silks (tissu/fabric).

Prerequisites: None! (Must be 12 years or older)


  • Sunday 11am-12:45pm (B-Side)


  • 1 Hour and 45 Minute Class – $20
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Aerial Open Gym Membership For professionals or advanced aerialists currently enrolled in classes. Aerial space and rigging points are available any time classes or rehearsals are not in full swing*.


  • Must be 18 or older
  • Instructor approval only


  • $15 – Daily
  • $75 – Monthly

*Open Gym does not apply to flying trapeze. All Open Gym students must take a brief safety and rigging class prior to their first Open Gym session.  Please contact our front desk for more information about Open gym Certification dates and times.

You will learn the fundamentals of this beautiful vertical apparatus.  Class will focus on basic climbing, inverting, wraps, drops and gaining the confidence needed to build your skills.  Your core strength will be challenged, and improved with aerial conditioning along the way!  This class will offer you the key elements you need to build your aerial strength and stamina to keep you on higher ground!  Although similar to silks in terms of technique, rope does produce a bit more friction.  Please make sure that your lower back and knees are covered.

Mondays: 6:00pm

Thursday: 7:30pm

Instructors: Meredith & Jenny

Rate: $30/class

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Intermediate Rope takes your skills learned in Beginner Rope to the next level.  You will begin to learn to combine your “trick database” with smooth transitions.  You will become more spatially aware and more comfortable on the rope and learn to explore new movements and vertical possibilities.  Along with strengthening and conditioning exercises to help you reach your goals, this class is designed to help you develop and climb to higher heights!

Pre-requisites: Graduation from Beginner Rope or with Instructor Approval.

Sunday 3:30 – 5:30pm

Instructors: Jenny

Rate: $30

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We will utilize a variety of apparatus’ in this class to diversify your aerial arsenal!  We will explore how your current (or growing!) vocabulary can be applied to a new apparatus, or give you the opportunity to try a new one if you are looking to hone your study.  Class will focus on building strength, cross-training, and clean technique.  Apparatus used may include: Silks, Hoop, Rope, and Static Trapeze

Suitable for all levels!

Tuesdays at 8pm

Instructor: Meredith

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We offer a wide variety of Shakedown classes to help get your body into the best shape possible.

Shakedown Classes

The building-block of aerial acrobatics, this class focuses heavily on building strength & extending flexibility through proper technique. With an emphasis on correct form, aesthetic, and injury prevention, students develop a solid base of physical and mental skills that will lead them to excel on any apparatus. Specific exercises focus on building upper body and core strength, leg and shoulder flexibility, basic aerial skills, grip, and other aerial necessities. This class is perfect as an addition to your aerial/circus arts training or personal fitness plan, or as your first step into the world of Emerald City Trapeze! Students work at their own level; appropriate for beginners and experienced aerialists. Come ready to sweat and bring water!

Prerequisites: None! (Must be 12 years or older)


  • Sunday 1-2:30pm
  • Tuesday 6-7:30pm (upstairs, then A-Side)


  • 90 Minute Class – $25
  • 20-Class Card – $449
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Get your splits to the floor! This class will help aerialists stretch out their huge muscles! We will mainly work on splits, back and shoulder flexibility with a focus on strengthening and lengthening the muscles in order to stretch in a safe way. Many of the stretches will be assisted so be prepared to be pushed deep into your flexibility.

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This class is designed to increase strength and flexibility to assist students in attaining greater skills in both aerial acrobatics and flying trapeze. With an emphasis on correct form, aesthetic, increasing power, and injury prevention, students develop a solid base of physical and mental skills that will lead them to excel in aerial and flying trapeze. Exercises will focus on upper body, core, and dynamic strength; incorporating flexibility to help you meet your goals. This class is a perfect addition to your aerial / flying trapeze training, personal fitness plan, or as your first step into the world of Emerald City Trapeze! Students work at their own level; appropriate for beginners and experienced students.


  • 1.5 Hour Class – $25
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Acrobatics have been around for centuries; the word is derived from the Greek words akron and bainein (which translate literally to “walking on tiptoe”). Today, acrobatics can take many forms, including juggling, tightrope, tumbling and contortion. ECTA will up the ante this autumn, introducing classes in Cyr Wheel, Slacklining, Trampoline and more. For now, check out our Acrobalance class, and prepare to ‘walk on tiptoe’ in the near future!

Get ready to roll! Start with a heart-pumping warm-up and prepare to find your inner-cartwheeling kid! Katie Herndon will safely walk you through basic tumbling moves like somersaults, cartwheels and handstands. More advanced moves will include walkovers, round-offs and handsprings! Each class will begin and end with stretching and conditioning, so come prepared to sweat and leave smiling!

Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Sundays at 2pm

Rate: $25
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Introduction to Acrobalancing will start by learning the basic skills of partner balance/acro yoga. Efficiently using the body to find balance points will result in strength conditioning and increased flexibility through the postures. Each student will gain experience working with partners of varying skill level and learn postures to practice at home individually. Come learn an old art, and surprise yourself with your internal strength.

Prerequisites: Must be 12 years or older

Rates: 2-Hour Class – $20
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The Cyr Wheel has existed as a gymnastic sport since 1925, recently growing in popularity due to its exposure as a circus apparatus.  A smooth learning curve allows students to progress at their own pace as you learn to understand the movement of the Cyr Wheel inside and out.  Students will learn to balance on a single pointed spin and eventually learn to maintain speed and master new tricks.

Saturdays at 2:30pm

Mondays at 8pm

Instructor: Jordan

Rate: $25 / class

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Combine the basics of tumbling and the explosive excitement of trampoline with the freedom of flight and you’ve got Acro-Bungee!  Using our bodies as a natural weight and counter balance, we will explore the fundamentals of static bungee (attached at the hips) including discovering and improving core aerial balance, creating and maintaining height, and eventually moving on to poses, tricks and flips.  A very tight fitting, climbing-style safety harness will be worn throughout class.  Please wear form-fitting athletic clothing that will not “bunch” in the midsection.  Prepare for 90-minutes of fast-moving bouncy action!

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Dance Classes

Channel your inner Napolean Dynamite, improve your body awareness and find your rhythm in a supportive and fun environment! Take a dance class at Emerald City Trapeze to learn the fundamental techniques of a broad range of styles and then move on to combinations and choreographed phrase work. 

Dance Classes

If you are curious about dance and want to learn more, then this class is for you! Come learn the fundamental techniques of a broad range of movement styles in a supportive and fun environment. Starting with basic movements and progressing to combinations and choreographed phrase work. Try something new and gain a higher level of body awareness at the same time. So grab a friend, or treat yourself… either way this class improves your coordination, rhythm, strength and flexibility. Dance is for everyone, now you can feel more comfortable doing it!

Mondays: 6:30pm-8:00pm

$25 per class or use your Frequent Shakedown Card!

Instructor: Rainbow Fletcher
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Pole Dancing Classes

Pole Dance for Beginners is a fun and upbeat pole dance class that combines contemporary, hip hop and club dance styles with spins, tricks and climbs of pole dancing. This class will keep you moving, grooving, stretching, and strengthening.  You will learn how to how to fluidly transition in between movements, execute a set of beginner pole moves with grace, and prepare your body with conditioning exercises that will help you progress to more advanced tricks quickly. Prepare to have fun, sweat, and challenge yourself.

Drop-In Class $25 – or use your Frequent Shakedown Card!

Saturdays from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

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Pole Choreography for Aerialists and Athletes will take your pole dance to a new level of artistry and awareness.  We will deepen our understanding of pole dance moves gained in the beginner series as we integrate our skills into fluid pole combos and that will flow into and out of floor dance choreography.   We will continue to condition our bodies for even greater strength and control on the pole and will explore new ways of approaching choreography and movement through fun and mind-bending exercises.  This is a co-taught class by Danae Montreuille and Lynnette Barnier.

Pre-requisites:  3 straddle-overs on any apparatus

Series Class – 6 week series-$150

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Private Classes

We welcome students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to schedule private lessons with our experienced and talented instructors.

  • Aerial Private Classes: We offer one-on-one, small, or large group lessons on any aerial apparatus you like! Feel free to take a look at our class and instructor information, and contact Kari to set up your class. Rates depend on the number of students and level of instruction.
  • Flying Trapeze Private Classes: We offer private instruction for 1 or 2 people on the Flying Trapeze rig. Rates depend on the number of students and whether students wish to work on catching as well as flying.

To schedule, or for more information, contact Kari at or call (206) 906-9442.

Date Night

Need a twist on the usual dinner and a movie? Throw in a trapeze, some partner floor acrobatics, and take intimacy to a whole new level! The evening starts as you fly through the air with the greatest of ease! In ground school, you’ll learn the basics of what it takes to safely climb the ladder, grab the bar (take a breath) and take the plunge. Let go of your inhibitions and trust that your date will hold the camera steady.

Do a couple of swings, maybe a trick, a big bounce in the net and then it’s off to the mats. Part two of the evening is all about trust and intimacy. Acrobalance combines elements of hand-balancing and partner lifts with endurance and strength. Couples learn acrobatic maneuvers wholly supported by each other’s hands, arms, legs and feet. And don’t be surprised when you end up in a compromising position. It’s kinda like Twister, for adults.

Your instructor will cover the basic building blocks necessary to develop skills in partner balance/acro yoga. Through a variety of postures, instructors will focus on the efficient use of the body, resulting in strength conditioning and increased flexibility. Not to mention a variety of moves to practice (spice up) at home!

 Must be 18 years or older and under 250 pounds

Schedule: The FIRST and THIRD Friday of every month - 8-10pm Class meets at the trapeze.

Rates: 2 Hour Class* – $79/couple (includes Lifetime Membership Fee) $53 for returning students

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