Beginner’s Flying Trapeze and Aerial Classes

Flying Trapeze for Beginners

Emerald City Trapeze Arts offers an incredible experience for first time flying trapeze students! No experience is necessary!

Founded by the incredible Jules Leotard, Flying Trapeze brings together artistry, athleticism, and a whimsical sense of circus. Jules Leotard discovered Flying Trapeze while training at his father’s gymnasium. He strung up a cord and bar above the pool and practiced his newfound tricks.

Since the days of flying over a swimming pool, Flying Trapeze has evolved into one of the most famous circus acts. Performed by nearly every major circus production company, it reigns as one of the most impressive and awe inspiring acts.

Many people believe that learning flying trapeze is difficult and requires a tremendous amount of strength. Emerald City Trapeze makes learning trapeze easy and fun! We have had everyone up to 89 years old take a swing on the flying trapeze. It requires much less strength, flexibility, and coordination than you might think! All students will be in a safety harness and assisted at all times by our incredible staff.

Flying Trapeze Classes for Beginners

Introductory Class

Are you ready to take the leap? Our introductory flying trapeze class will take you through 15-20 minutes of ground school where you will become familiar with the harness, calls, and body positions. From there, your instructor will guide you through your first knee hang on our flying trapeze rig. After your first swing, you will perfect your positioning in order to achieve a coveted cowbell! By the end of the class, you may have the chance to try for a catch with one of our professional catchers!


  • 16 years or older; under 250lbs

Beginners are welcome to all classes, excluding “Frequent Flyer” and “Tricks & Locks” classes.

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Whether you are signing up for this package or giving it as a gift, the 1-2-3 Beginner’s Flying Trapeze Package is perfect for anyone who is interested in getting on the rig for the very first time! The class will focus on technique, safety, form, and fun! By the end of three classes, you will feel confident flying through the air, performing tricks, and being caught by one of our professional catchers.

Rate: $150 
Save $35 by booking this special introductory package!
Package includes three 2-hour lessons.


  • No experience necessary
  • 16 years or older; under 250lbs

Beginners are welcome to all classes, excluding “Frequent Flyer” and “Tricks & Locks” classes.

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Girl on Flying Trapeze at Emerald City Trapeze in Seattle
Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle Flying Trapeze Studio


Flying Trapeze Attraction in Seattle Washington - Emerald City Trapeze Arts
Emerald City Trapeze - Flying Trapeze Studio

Aerial for Beginners

Have you been dreaming of Aerial Silks, Lyra, and Rope? Whether you have recently seen a show at Emerald City Trapeze or Cirque du Soleil, the Aerial Arts play a magnificent role in today’s circus world. This romantic form of artistry employs strength, flexibility, and creativity. Emerald City Trapeze Arts offers an incredible experience for first time students! No experience is necessary!

Aerial Silks:

  • Acrobatics performed using Aerial Silks. Students will learn to climb, pose, and perform tricks using Aerial Silks (also known as tissue).

Aerial Hoop:

  • Acrobatics performed in the air using a hoop. Students will be guided through the basics of learning how to use this spectacular apparatus.

Aerial Rope: 

  • Learn the powerhouse artistry of Aerial Rope. Students will learn to use their body to climb, articulate, and perform tricks.

Aerial Classes for Beginners

Introduction to Hoop – Level 1

This class is for those who have little or no aerial experience but are looking for something new and challenging for their bodies and minds. Students will learn to enter and exit the hoop confidently and safely, basic spins, and be introduced to knee hangs. Classes include a warmup and conditioning exercises.

Pre-requisite: Must be 16 years or older

Rate: $25

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Introduction to Silks – Level 1

Level 1 Silks is a fabulous introduction into the world of aerial arts! In this class, you will learn basic climbs, locks, hangs, inversions and wraps. Class begins and ends with conditioning drills, dance technique, and flexibility training. We learn to move safely, confidently and beautifully on the fabric.

Prerequisite: None.

Students must be 16 years or older

Rate: $25

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Introduction to Rope – Level 1

Never tried rope?! No problem! This class will be for those who have never climbed a rope before. It will focus on learning climbs, locks, and rest positions on and in the rope. Conditioning will be saved for the end to build up stamina and strength for inversions for level two. All skill levels welcome!

Pre-requisite: None.

Students must be 16 years old or older to participate!

Pre-requisite: Must be 16 years or older

Rate: $25

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Aerial Arts at Emerald City Trapeze in Seattle
Aerial Silks at Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle

 Aerial Silks

Aerial Hoop at Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle

 Aerial Hoop

Girl Doing Aerial Hoop at Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle

 Aerial Hoop

Circus for Beginners

Acrobatics have been around for centuries; the word is derived from the Greek words akron and bainein (which translate literally to “walking on tiptoe”). Today, acrobatics can take many forms, including juggling, tightrope, tumbling and contortion.

Beginner Classes

Cyr Wheel

Spin, roll, and flow across the floor with cyr wheel(a large ring-shaped apparatus)! If you have never tried cyr wheel before, this class will get you comfortable with the wheel’s movement, and build your foundation to get you spinning. For returning students: as you progress and become comfortable with the basic waltz, this class will guide you through new tricks, and work towards smooth skill transitions for a choreographed act.

Prerequisites: none.

Minimum Age to Participate: 16 years old

Minimum Height to Participate: 4’11”

Attire: Athletic shoes (optional)

Rate: $25

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Handstand Zero (Handstand prep)

This class is designed to explain the shape, alignment, and theory of the handstand. Our goal is to prepare your mind and body for a successful hand balancing pathway. Please note that this will be a conditioning and flexibility program with little to no inversion. We strongly suggest this class as a prerequisite to handstand 1 and will explore body alignment, stacking, wrist shoulder and core stability, and strength building for pressing to handstand.

Must be 16 years old

Rate: $25

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Aerial Arts at Emerald City Trapeze in Seattle