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Holiday and Event Closures:

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A-Side Closures

December 11 (Wednesday) after 2

December 12 (Thursday) after 3

December 13 (Friday) after 3

December 14 (Saturday) after 3

December 15 (Sunday) after 3

December 20 (Friday) after 3

December 21 (Saturday) after 3


B-Side Closures

December 18 (Wednesday) after 3


Full Studio Closures

December 4 (Wednesday) after 3

December 5 (Thursday) after 3

December 7 (Saturday) All Day

December 10 (Tuesday) All Day

December 19 (Thursday)Both Sides until 6:30

December 28 (Saturday) after 2pm

99 Closure in early 2019 – Plan ahead!
In early 2019, the new State Route 99 tunnel will open, offering travelers a direct route from Seattle’s stadiums to the Space Needle. To open the tunnel, the Washington State Department of Transportation must first realign the state highway, and then move SR 99 from the seismically vulnerable Alaskan Way Viaduct into the tunnel. This intensive work will last about three weeks and prompt the longest major highway closure to ever hit the Puget Sound region.

WSDOT’s current plan is to close SR 99 through Seattle beginning Friday, Jan. 11, 2019. Closing SR 99 through Seattle is the only way crews can finish building the highway and the eight new ramps that will allow travelers to enter and exit the new tunnel Travelers should expect region-wide congestion for up to six weeks as crews complete final connections to and from the new tunnel. In addition to the three-week closure:
The off-ramp from southbound SR 99 to South Atlantic Street will permanently close one week earlier than the viaduct.
The new off-ramp from northbound SR 99 to South Dearborn Street will require up to two weeks of additional work after the tunnel opens.
Per the Legislature’s decision, the SR 99 tunnel will be tolled as a part of the project’s financing plan. The tunnel will be free to use when it first opens.

Additional details about the closure, tunnel opening and the future tolling of the tunnel can be found at

January 4, 2019 | SR 99 Stadium Ramps Close: Northbound SR 99 on-ramp from Royal Brougham Way and Southbound SR 99 off-ramp to S Atlantic Street close about one week before the full closure to allow for work on connections to the new SR 99 tunnel.

January 11, 2019 | Alaskan Way Viaduct Closes: WSDOT will close SR 99 through downtown Seattle for approximately three weeks to build roadway and ramp connections, realign SR 99 and open the new SR 99 tunnel.

Early February 2019 | SR 99 Tunnel Opens: The new 2-mile stretch of SR 99 tunnel opens to traffic. After the tunnel opens the northbound off-ramp to
downtown will remain closed for up to two weeks.

Early 2019 – 2020 | Alaskan Way Viaduct Removal and Related Projects: After the tunnel opens, AWV demolition begins by the waterfront, the Battery Street Tunnel will be decommissioned, and surface streets around Aurora Ave N will be reconnected.

March 2019 | Bus Service Ends in the Light Rail Tunnel: King County Metro bus routes 41, 74, 101, 102, 150, 255 and Sound Transit Express Route 550 buses will no longer use the transit tunnel and will operate on surface streets, including a new transit pathway on 5th and 6th Avenues.

2019 – 2021 | Waterfront Construction: Built by the City of Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront, the new Alaskan Way street will be transformed along the waterfront with a new promenade and connections to the Pike Place Market.

2019 | SR 99 Tunnel Tolling: The SR 99 tunnel will be free to use when it opens for a period before tolling starts. Tolling could begin as early as summer 2019.

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Meet the Staff

Melissa Knowles

~ Instructs: Handstands, Flexibility, Aerial, and Partner Acro

Where, when, and how did your circus journey begin?
Circus started for me with Dream Science Circus in Bellingham WA.

What is your circus background?
I have a background in Fine Art, specifically sculpture that turned into performance art toward the end of college. In a way I was using, and still am using, performance as a form of activism to challenge or bring attention to the things around us, to spread joy and laughter, and to find meaning and connection.

I went down the circus rabbit hole around 15 years ago, with Dream Science Circus, and then the Bellingham Circus Guild once it was created. Then I went the circus school route. I finished the Professional training program at NECCA in 2010 and taught there until moving to Seattle in 2018. I have also been touring on and off in the US, Europe, and Australia with companies such as Nimble Arts, C!RCA, and Acrobatic Conundrum and am still an active member in the Boston Circus Guild.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I love dark chocolate!

Regan Powers

Admin Staff

What do you instruct or what is your position at Emerald City Trapeze Arts?
I am a member of the admin team!

Where, when, and how did your circus journey begin?
My circus journey began when I moved to Seattle after highschool. I stumbled upon a group of fire dancers at a park, bought a pair of fire fans the next day, and my journey quickly snowballed into AcroYoga, dance, aerial arts, and trapeze!

What is your circus background?
I graduated with a BS in Exercise Science and Wellness from Bastyr University, and used ECTA as my internship to dive into the world of circus performing. Since then, I have taken on the role of performance director of the local event production company WAVES Presents, joined dance and circus troupes in Seattle and Portland, and performed at festivals across the West Coast such as EDC, Shambhala, Imagine, and OCF.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
In highschool, I set the national deadlifting record for my height/weight/age at 265lb!

Abigail Leong

~ Instructs: Cyr Wheel

Where, when, and how did your circus journey begin?
I began my circus journey doing flying trapeze in Oakland, California, and picked up Cyr Wheel on a whim after moving to Seattle. I’ve been spinning ever since!

What is your circus background?
I did flying trapeze for six years at Trapeze Arts Oakland and Emerald City Trapeze, and have been practicing Cyr at Emerald City Trapeze for the last two years!

What is a fun fact about yourself?
When I am not at the circus, I work in podcast production!

Ross Corristan

~ Instructs: Flying Trapeze

What do you instruct or what is your position at Emerald City Trapeze Arts?
Flying Trapeze

Where, when, and how did your circus journey begin?
I started my circus career at Florida State University’s Flying High Circus in 2009. It was here that I fell in love with the circus and especially flying trapeze.

What is your circus background?
I started practicing and performing Chinese Pole, Teeterboard, Juggling, Double Trapeze, and Flying trapeze at Florida State University’s Flying High Circus. Since I graduated in 2013, I have performed and taught at resorts and Flying Trapeze schools all over the country.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I enjoy gardening, cooking, and animals.

Jenny Penny

Acrobalance, Beginner Aerial

Jenny Penny is a jack of all trades; Aerialist, Acrobalancer, Fire performer, Circus entertainer, Burlesque dancer and Sideshow artist.  Starting with ballet at age 3, trying many different schools of dance, she eventually fell in love with the circus.  She has been performing in Seattle, across the US, and around the globe since 2004. She was a founding member, lead performer, and mama of Seattle’s own dark circus, Pure Cirkus.  Over the past few years she’s been teaching acrobalancing, aerial, and fire arts.  She now teaches out of Emerald City Trapeze, offering public and private lessons. Her talents have been featured at venues such as Neumo’s, the Triple Door and El Gaucho. She strives for circus beauty, but is a carnie at heart.

Terry Crane

~ Instructor: Aerial Rope

Where, when, and how did your circus journey begin?
I surrendered to the restless urges that led me to join the circus at the tender age of 20. I’ve performed on 4 continents, in theaters, under the big top, and on the street. I am delighted to share my love of rope technique, circus creation, and collaboration via workshops and performances across the globe. As a director, I am on a relentless quest to tell true fictions, contradict human isolation, and portray paradox.

What is your circus background?
I’ve studied at Oberlin College, San Francisco Circus Center, The Montreal National Circus School, and Beijing International Acrobatics School. Performed at Cirque Starlight, Circus Monti, Circus Flora, Teatro Zinzanni, and with my own companies, Circus Syzygy and Acrobatic Conundrum.

What is a fun fact about yourself? 
I speak five languages, including pig latin.

Coleton Stinson

~ Cyr Wheel

Due to a botched Valentine’s Day date, Coleton discovered his true love at Emerald City Trapeze Arts’ Nocturnal performance. Beginning in March 2015 and having no prior gymnastics experience, he focused diligently on Cyr Wheel while getting a little taste of different aerial apparatuses and even dabbling a little in acrobalance; however, Coleton’s calling was the Cyr Wheel. He began instructing in June 2015 and continues to obsess over Cyr wheel to this day.

Sarah Brownstein

~ Flying Trapeze

Sarah’s mom was eating pecan pie and listening to Carmina Burana when her water bag broke and out came Sarah.
Three experiences primed her for flying trapeze: she was a national rhythmic gymnastics competitor growing up, she was the Step Aerobics Champion of the Pichincha region of Ecuador in 1999, and she lived off the grid amongst monkeys for a few years in Costa Rica.
Sarah started training and teaching flying trapeze in Austin, Texas, and has been happy in life ever since. She dances salsa, has two cats, and can make a clover with her tongue.

Photo Credit: Pete Saloutos

Katie Herndon

~ Instructor: Aerial Silks, Rope, and Straps

Where, when, and how did your circus journey begin?
I grew up on a farm out in central Washington; climbing, tumbling, and creating extravagant circus shows for imaginary audiences.

What is your circus background?
While in university, I was part of the sports acrobatics team, competing with division I schools at the national level. My acrobatics and coaching background led me into the wonderful world of circus arts, and brought me into Emerald City Trapeze, where I began to learn and teach aerial, acrobatics, and flying trapeze. Flying trapeze led me to Europe, where I worked with the Flying Aces doing rigging and flying in a traditional circus. My journey continued with Aida Cruise lines; performing aerial and acrobatics for audiences all over the world. I have continued to learn and grow, working with coaches in Europe, Montreal, Argentina and Las Vegas.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I actually have incredible stage fright…?
I play the cello.
I nerd out on anatomy.
I’m addicted to ice cream.

Julie Istvan

~ Instructor: Aerial Lyra and Silks

Where, when, and how did your circus journey begin?
I’ve been suspending myself ever since encountering the art of aerial silks on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Since then, I’ve made a point of spider-climbing toward the nearest high ceiling on long sashes of cloth for roughly five hours a day. I started Aerial Fabric in 2010 at ECTA. After taking one class, I knew that I wanted to run away with the circus!

What is your circus background?
I’ve trained in Coasta Rica, Las Vegas and the majority at Emerald City Trapeze. My mother owned a dance studio and I pretty much started dancing as soon as I could walk.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I live in Leavenworth and commute in 136 miles one way to get to work. (I do stay in West Seattle while I am in Seattle!)

Meg Drouhard

~ Pole Dance

Meg has been poling since 2013. She had no prior background in dance or gymnastics, but she immediately fell in love with the challenge and expressivity of pole dance.  Meg loves the support and encouragement that pervades the pole community, and she is excited to help students discover and explore their own unique styles.  In addition to her pole exploits, Meg is recognized as a proficient cat toy thrower and board game rule monitor. When not otherwise occupied, Meg can be found in the Human-Centered Data Science Lab at the University of Washington, struggling through her PhD research.

Rachel Strickland, “Madame Rex”

~ Aerial Arts

Classically trained in ballet since the age of three, Rachel is a dancer turned aerialist and an innovative variety performer. She began her study of circus arts in 2007, developing a unique style and approach to aerial choreography, and has performed and taught aerial technique around the world.

She is founder and artistic director of Madame Rex, a contemporary circus and aerial dance collaboration. Rachel’s cross training allows her to deliver a wide range of roles, from lithe and ethereal to earthy and visceral. Rich, extravagant movements and strong, multifaceted technique are her trademarks. And a touch of creepy aesthetic…Performing extensively as a soloist internationally and in several national tours, Rachel specializes in creating aerial hoop choreography and the practice of telling stories.

Tiffany Rivera

~ Pole Dance Instructor, Active Flex, and Contortion

Tiffany has been pole dancing since April 2016 and immediately fell in love with the community. She has a prior background in dance, collegiate cheer, and does Mongolian contortion which is her second love.
When not pole dancing you can find her running, studying for the MCAT, or having onesie movie night. She loves all things cats, wine, and science.

Ethan Hechanova

~ Intro to Silks, Intro to Aerial, Strength and Flexibility Instructor

Ethan grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada where he cultivated his passion for the performing arts. After high school, he moved to Reno, NV for college where he discovered aerial silks and started training endlessly. In May of 2017 he came out to Seattle and started training at ECTA. He fell in love with the studio and the instruction and very quickly moved to Seattle permanently. You will often find Ethan on aerial silks or swinging around in a flying trapeze class!

Gil Bugarin

~ Pole Dance Instructor

Gil joins Emerald City Trapeze after spending the last four years training in Los Angeles. Gil found pole through Groupon and figured, “Hey, why not.” Since then he has fallen in love with the creative expression and physical challenge that pole offers. Gil went competes internationally and performed in the LA nightlife. When Gil’s not dancing, you can find him binge watching the latest Netflix craze!

We are proud to provide our schools with instructors and staff from all over the globe, with diverse backgrounds, talents, and teaching styles. If you’re interested in joining our team, please contact our team at: