~ Venue Guidelines ~

Deliveries and Access

  • Please confirm all delivery, setup plan, electrical needs, audio and visual requirements a week in advance.
  • If you need additional time for set-up, please schedule with our team.
  • Additional set-up time beyond the contract is subject to applicable rental fees.

Venue Decorating and Event Set-up

  • All decor needs to be approved prior to setup. Please inform our staff of any electrical requirements for caterers, photo booths, bands, and decor when submitting your setup plan.
  • Please submit audio and visual content a week in advance. If content is not submitted or delivered a week prior to your event, our staff cannot guarantee that it will be incorporated or displayed properly.
  • If possible, please do any decoration assembly off-site.
  • When decorating ECTA, we ask that you use temporary methods to fasten your decorations. If your decorations need to be fastened to the building, please use binding wire, fishing line, zip-ties, or other easy-to-remove materials that can be wrapped around beams and posts. Please do not leave permanent marks on or in the building.
  • If you use one of ECTA’s ladders, you must present proof of your event insurance (with ECTA as an additional insured). You may also bring your own ladder and then sign a waiver onsite.
  • Most equipment is moveable or removable; however, we ask that you request permission and have our staff assist you.
  • Open flames are not permitted – including candles.
  • Live flower petals are ok.
  • When unloading into ECTA, we recommend that you use a cart or hand truck to keep heavy objects from marking the floor.
  • Emerald City Trapeze Arts is a glass-free and ceramic-free venue. Flower vases for centerpieces are ok as long as they are stable and will not leave the tables during the course of the event. All barware must be non-glass. This includes beer, wine, and sparkling water bottles.

Leaving Emerald City Trapeze

  • Client is advised that they shall leave the venue in the same condition upon which they arrived.
  • Rental fee includes basic cleaning provided by ECTA. This includes sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, wiping down all surfaces before and after events.
  • Basic clean up such as event garbage and recycling removal, catering station clearing and cleaning, and moving rentals to the loading area is the responsibility of the client. If extensive additional cleaning is required after the event, ECTA reserves the right to bill $250 per hour.
  • One of our staff will walk through the space with your event lead at the end of your event.

Garbage Removal

  • You are responsible for removal of all garbage and recycling no later than one hour after your event end time.
  • If garbage and/or recycling is left after your event, we reserve the right to bill for removal.
  • Human hazardous waste cleaning will be billed at $250 per incidence.

Parking Guidelines

  • ECTA has a modest parking lot in addition to free street parking.
    • Parking at neighboring businesses is not allowed during your event.
    • For large events, we recommend setting up an off-site valet or shuttle system.
    • Emerald City Trapeze is located one block from the Link Station.

Insurance Policy

  • To book Emerald City Trapeze, we require event insurance.
    • Minimum coverage requirements: $1 million dollar coverage with ECTA named as an additional insured.

Damage Deposit

  • A refundable damage deposit of $1500 is included in the contract total. Upon Client’s completion of his/her obligations, ECTA shall return to Client the damage deposit minus any amounts deemed necessary to repair damages inflicted upon the venue by Client and / or Client’s associates, guests, invitees, vendors, and all other persons whatsoever who enter the venue during the rental period, whether or not such persons did so with Client’s knowledge or consent.

Security Rates:

  • Security is required for all events at Emerald City Trapeze.
  • For events with under 300 guests, the security fee is included in your rental rate.
  • For events with over 300 guests, extra security is required. The security rate is $35 per hour, per officer. Emerald City Trapeze reserves the right to determine the number of security staff hired for your event.