Sessions in Place: Clambrain with Fred

Live Local Music

June 25, 2022 | Doors Open at 6:00pm | Show Starts at 7:00pm

Tickets – Start at $10!

Join us live on YouTube or in-person June 25th for a hybrid session with Clambrain and FRED at Emerald City Trapeze in Seattle, Washington.

This is a live studio experience. Upon buying this ticket, you accept the possibility that you might be on camera.

The show is open to all ages

Concessions Available | Beer & Wine

Doors open at 6:00pm | Show starts at 7:00pm

*Standing room only – ADA seating available upon request plus limited lounge seating*

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About the Musicians


“Seattle-based artist, Cameron Brownell, has embraced a long-standing nickname to represent his indie pop music online and on the stage. Clambrain is a representation of today’s bedroom producer, combining DIY electronic production with lush, soulful vocals.”


Gabriel Molinaro (Tenderfoot, Moon Palace, Timothy Robert Graham) began writing and recording songs as FRED in 2019. The name references their grandmother, Winifred, described by Molinaro as a “sharp-witted and elegant woman who smoked cigarettes and read Sufi poets.” Connecting to the women in their family became a theme in FRED’s most recent songwriting, as Molinaro’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, and died three years later. The upcoming EP, “Creature”, was written during this period and processes the grief of losing a parent. “I thought this collection of songs would be all about that grief,” writes Molinaro, “but it surprised me by becoming so much more than that.” The year after their mother’s death, Molinaro also came out as non-binary. ‘I realized I’m trying to understand the women in my family because I’m trying to understand myself. That’s a part of me that I never really felt like I could explore before.‘”