September 26, 2015 – Student Show!

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September 26, 2015 Emerald City Trapeze Show Starts at 7:30pm Join us for a free Flying Trapeze and Aerial Show! From incredible heights to artistic choreography, our students are pulling out all the stops to show friends, family, and guests their newfound talents! Whether you are supporting a friend or thinking about taking a class at Emerald City Trapeze, this more »

Emerald City Trapeze Arts – Pay Per Swing – Beginners Are Welcome!

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Emerald City Trapeze Pay Per Swing - Learn Flying Trapeze!

Thinking about trying a class at Emerald City Trapeze? We invite you to join us for an evening of excitement, thrill, and trapeze! Emerald City Trapeze is located just 10 minutes from downtown Seattle. Bring your friends for our Pay Per Swing session where you will have the chance to fly through the air for just $5 per swing. Our knowledgeable more »

New Class – Intermediate Static & Dance Trapeze

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Static & Dance Trapeze – Intermediate Take your trapeze skills up a notch! Learn the more advanced rolls and drops, and learn to put together new and improved sequences. Pre-Requisites: We need our trapeze monkeys strong so pre-requisites include 3 pull up- pull overs and at least 5 hanging leg lifts. What to wear: Please come to class with your more »

Emerald City Trapeze Offers New Aerial Classes

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Emerald City Trapeze Rope Aerial Arts

Get ready to amp up your workout and challenge your body to greater heights! Emerald City Trapeze now offers Beginner Rope courses for those who want to sculpt, tone, and prep their bodies for the beautiful world of aerial arts. Once you graduate from the beginner session, you can move onto Intermediate rope where you will work with the rope to more »

Seattle’s Emerald City Trapeze Introduces New Dance Classes

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Channel your inner Napolean Dynamite, improve your body awareness and find your rhythm in a supportive and fun environment!  Dance Basics, taught by Rainbow Fletcher (yes, Rainbow is her real name!) is a fantastic introduction into the world of movement.  Learn the fundamental techniques of a broad range of styles and then move on to combinations and choreographed phrase work.  more »