Movement Exploration for Aerial Artists – August 20th

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Movement Exploration for Aerial Artists – August 20th 
This workshop will be focusing on improvising both on the floor and in the air. Using somatic practices and use of imagery and Laban techniques, we will start on the ground and work our way onto the equipment, finding new ways of relating with the apparatus and finding different qualities of movement in the air. Somatic practices focuses on the aerialists internal sensation, rather than looking at technique or tricks. We will be focusing on pushing ourselves to find new ways of moving and finding a grounding connection to the floor even when we’re in the air. I hope that from this workshop the aerialist can go on the use these improvisational tasks when creating acts, enabling them to combine their technique and ‘tricks’ with unusual movement and transitions.

Date: August 20th
Time: 3pm-5pm
Price: $70

Prerequisite: Aerial experience required but can be new to trapeze. Students should feel comfortable and strong enough to improvise.

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About Tilly Lee-Kronick
Tilly completed her degree at Circomedia in 2017, specialising in static trapeze and physical theatre, striving to integrate her previous theatrical and dance experience with her new-found love of trapeze to create unique aerial work. She has performed her solo show Ripe across the UK as part of a rural tour Circus Around and About with Crying Out Loud and was selected as a highlight of Resolutions 2018 Festival. As well as creating her own work Tilly has performed for Stumble Dance Circus, Extraordinary Bodies, Cirque Bijou, Rosemary Lee dance, Stacked Wonky Dance Theatre, Full Tilt Aerial Dance, and played the principle role in Metta Theatre’s Little Mermaid.
Tilly teaches static trapeze to a range of ages at Aerial Days in London. She also was an aerial tutor for the Street Circus Collective at the Roundhouse. As well as trapeze Tilly teaches aerial conditioning, aerial choreography/moment and has experience facilitating accessible aerial workshops for people with disabilities. Tilly particularly enjoys facilitating somatic aerial workshops, using skinner and release dance techniques both on the floor and in the air.