New Aerial Workshops with Dan Saab

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After deciding to pursue his performance and coaching careers, Daniel enrolled in the Intensive Professional Program at Circus Warehouse NYC and began daily training in different types of aerial, dance, and fitness. In this program, he had the opportunity to train with experts in their respective fields. His specializations are Aerial Sling and Aerial Hoop, but has also been formally trained in Rope, Flying Trapeze, Tissu, Single-Point/Static Trapeze, and Contortion.

Daniel started performing in nightlife with various cabaret shows at venues such as Oz New Orleans and The Slipper Room NYC. As his career progressed, he then began to perform in larger-scale shows at Universal Studios Orlando and Madison Square Garden. Having also done private events, corporate gigs, and competitions, he has acquired the versatility to perform in many different manners of production. When not performing, he travels around the country and world teaching workshops and private lessons.

May 25th @ 1-2:30pm – Dropshop
In this workshop, we will be exploring all things dynamic on hammock. We will cover different kinds of rolls, slides, and flips, as well as different entrances and exits for each. The focus of this workshop will be taking several commonly known wraps and applying different actions to each.

June 8th @ 1-2:30pm – Low Flow
In this workshop, we will practice maneuvering through different sequences that mainly take place at the bottom of the sling. This will cover twists and rolls in and out of wraps as well as different poses throughout.

June 22nd @ 1-2:30pm – Above the Loop
This workshop focuses on maneuvering into the free space “above the loop”. Students will learn different ways to wrap and create shapes maintaining slack below them. We will cover different entrances into the free space as well as a variety of ways to exit.

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