Happy Father’s Day 2019 – Two for $99 Special!!!

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Happy Father’s Day!!! We are celebrating all of our super dads and families with a Father’s Day special! On Sunday, June 16th, you can use the code: FATHERS_DAY_FLY_2019 for a discount on your Flying Trapeze class! Please book in advance. Space is very limited. Two for JUST $99! Book your class online using the code: FATHERS_DAY_FLY_2019 Valid only for Flying more »

NEW Tramp Wall and Trampoline Workshop With Mo!

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Have you ever wanted to better your skills of understanding Tramp Wall or Trampoline? Have you ever been training by yourself, and ended up stuck, or stumped. Stagnant in progress because something just won’t click? Let’s begin to change that. Come check out the trampwall workshop with emphasis on not only practicing trampwall… but understanding each step of every trick. more »

The Rockin’ 80s! Throwback Tuesday | June 25

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Grab your favorite 80s power suit, shoulder-padded everything, neon leotard, jean jacket, rubix cube, and all things bright and colorful, and get ready for our Throwback Tuesday!  We are kicking things off with style! On June 25th, it’s Throwback Tuesday at Emerald City Trapeze Arts! That means it’s time to dress up and rock out to some of the top more »

Protege Show – September 21, 2019 (Aerial Guidelines)

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Are you ready to perform?!  If you are ready to take your performance to the next level, learn more about how you can audition! Aerial Arts Submission Guidelines Below: Performance requirements: Every act is based on a color, and the color has to be named in the song. Example: Lady in Red, Yellow Submarine, Brown Eyed Girl, etc. Please note more »

Self-Myofascial Release and Mobility Workshops with Tiffany Rivera – Starts June 2nd!

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  NEW Workshop with Tiffany Rivera! With the use of therapy balls and peanuts “torture toys” you will learn how to release tight muscles via pin and stretch, improve your range of motion, and relieve sore muscles. Emphasis will be on tight shoulders, pecs, and thoracic mobility…every aerialist’s problem zone. The second portion of class will focus on mobility drills, more »

Activate Your Shoulders Workshop with Melissa Knowles!

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Activate Your Shoulders Workshop w/ Melissa Knowles Starting on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 We are going to spend this workshop getting your shoulders into a more active over head position with less struggle. This 4 week series will build on itself for more in depth knowledge, although drop-ins are also welcome. We will start with shoulder rotation and work through more »

Summer Student Show – FREE Flying Trapeze and Aerial Show! July 13, 2019!

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  Emerald City Trapeze Arts is excited to announce our Summer Student Show of 2019! If you love Trapeze, Aerial Arts, and Circus Acts, don’t miss this show! Our Student Show will feature Emerald City Trapeze students of all ages performing fully choreographed acts. Get ready for high-flying fun on the ground and in the air! See some of our more »

Floor Work & Low Pole Flow – With Alesia!

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Saturdays at 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM This class focuses on movement on the floor and transitions around the pole. Emphasis is placed on fluidity, dance, and transitioning through the tricks learned in the leveled classes. Students will need kneepads. Pants, legwarmers, and/or heals are all optional but encouraged. Pre-requisites: Students must have taken at least 5 level one classes more »

NEW Aerial Loop Master Class | Workshop Series with Terry Crane!

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The aerial loop threaded through 2 pulleys has many different configurations, each with their own possibilities for interaction. The apparatus is by nature a partnered form, as there is no inherently fixed point, and everything that occurs on one side must be counterbalanced on the opposite side. With a small group of aerialists, we will explore several modes of operation more »

NEW Classes with Duo Madrona!

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ABOUT DUO MADRONA: Ben Wendel and Rachel Nehmer met as biology students at Haverford College. After a successful stint as lab partners, the couple decided to test out their chemistry on a trapeze! Duo Madrona created their duet at Seattle’s School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA), and made their debut at the 2006 Moisture Festival. In the years more »