Mardi Gras 2020 Video

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Today, we are celebrating being re-opened for 2 weeks with the debut of the INCREDIBLE video of Mardi Gras 2020! Filmed by the talented, Justin Figeroa-Atteshis, this footage radiates with energy!
We are truly thankful for all of our staff, instructors, and students who have made the last two weeks a huge success! Your constant support and dedication have made dreams come true. It’s been a joy seeing Emerald City Trapeze Arts filled with people who are finding happiness through the circus arts! We’ve seen the smiles behind the masks, and it’s made everything worth it!
Don’t forget to sign up for your favorite weekend classes! They are filling up exceptionally fast!
Featuring Mardi Gras 2020:
Melissa Knowles: Backstage Manager
Jenny Penny: Director
Jessica Niven: Flying Trapeze – Catcher
Sarah Piepho: Flying Trapeze – Flyer
Katie Sokolowski: Flying Trapeze – Flyer
Dana Karash: Flying Trapeze – Flyer
Emily Perrier: Flying Trapeze – Flyer
Laura Schoop: Flying Trapeze – Flyer
Avery Cherie: Performer – Teardrop
Keke Volt: Performer – Burlesque
Tiffany Rivera: Performer – Contortion
Facundo Kramer: Performer – Handstands
Beau Elliot: Performer – Pole
Deon Fox: Performer – Rope
Ivanna Wei: Performer – Silks
Valentina Zackerone: Performer – Sling
Icy London: Performer – Burlesque
Matt VanderKolk: Rigging Lead
Kristin Doll: Rigging Team
Susan Jester: Rigging Team
Matija Hanzevacki: Rigging Team
Nick Hearon: Tech Director
Kaleb: Kerr MC
Victoria Hurtgen – Multi-talented Wearer of Many Hats
Lighting Design: PNTA