Workshops with Scott McDonald | October 2023

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Workshops with Scott McDonald
Scott McDonald, a professional acrobat and trampolinist, is coming to SANCA to share his expertise!

Scott’s Trampwall Workshop
In this workshop we’ll be focusing on fundamental skills for trampwall, including wall running technique and variations, full turns, and basic flips to the face of the wall. Everything will be broken down into approachable steps, so no matter what your level is there will be something new for you to learn!
Friday, Oct. 20th at 6pm

Trampoline for Air Awareness
You will learn to be aware of where your body is in space, no matter your preferred circus discipline. Trampoline is one of the best tools to increase your awareness, body control, and confidence in the air, regardless of your chosen acrobatic discipline(s). In this workshop we will explore a variety of ways to move your body and improve your air awareness in a fun, engaging way using games and scalable drills!
Saturday, Oct. 21st at 12:30pm

Helicopteros and Reversãos
Helicopteros and Reversãos are very cool-looking cartwheel variations that originated with Capoeira and are now found in tricking, parkour, rhythmic gymnastics, and acro dance. They are versatile tricks that can be incorporated into nearly any acrobatic discipline, and they’re a lot of fun to do!
Saturday Oct. 21st at 3pm