Flying Trapeze Workshops with Zach Holmberg – Wednesday September 27th

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Flying Trapeze Workshops with Zach Holmberg, Professional Catcher.

Wednesday 9/27: 10am-12pm

This workshop is intended for flyers and 1 catcher, emphasizing working in hands/returning, and ensuring a high volume of turns per person, Flyers will have the opportunity to go across to 1-2 catchers (including Zach) for the majority of the workshop, making it a unique experience to expand one’s understanding and application of improved catching mechanics.
Requirements and expectations: flyers must be able to work the board and fly across to a catcher out of lines (you do not have to be able to return yet), complete at least 1 pull-up from a straight hang, and 10 leg lifts in a piked position from a straight hang up to 90°. It is recommended that you can drop a return bar for others but it is not required. Please show up 15 minutes early to warm up so that flying can commence at the very start of the hour. Bring a pen and a note pad and a video recording device.
For catchers: you must already be catching classes out of lines and be able to do at least 10 static locks with no swing.
Cost: $150 per 2 hour workshop
About Zach Holmberg
Hailing from Seattle, Zach Holmberg has traveled extensively throughout the United States of America and internationally as a Flying Trapeze catcher, acrobat, and coach. Most recently performing in Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere, Zach has coached, performed, and adventured as a catcher for the Flying Poemas, the High Flying Pages, the Flying Chutes, and Pneumatic Arts. He is grateful for the opportunity and blessing to return home and to share his knowledge of trapeze with his fellow Seattleites.
Video credit: Pneumatic Arts

Flyer: Jordan Tribble