Aerial Straps Workshop With Elizabeth Blanchard

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Aerial Straps Workshop Tuesday, Nov. 7th at 7:30pm | $60 – Max 8 Students  Learn the basics of aerial straps. A cross between gymnastics rings and aerial silks, this aerial apparatus will challenge you and push your strength to new heights. You will learn static poses, spins and balances requiring a combination of strength and or flexibility to master as more »

NEW Improv Wire Walking Workshop

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Learn to integrate dance and musicality into your wire walking skills! This workshop goes above and beyond wire “walking” and focuses on creating combinations, expression, and rhythm while maintaining balance. Prerequisite Skills: Must have completed the Intro to Wire Walking series (or equivalent) Consistent walking in multiple styles and proficient turns are a must! Please bring your tightwire or ballet shoes and a water more »

NEW – Workshops with Shay Williamson

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About Shay: Shay’s understanding of the human body and biomechanics has made her a successful instructor for the past 5 years. She has created a curriculum that keeps students engaged and injury free. In the beginnings of Shay’s pole journey as a student, she found many classes too confusing and over complicated. As an instructor she has a tried and more »

Static Trapeze Series with Ivanna

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Static Trapeze! Not just for pullups and conditioning. Come learn beats, poses, transitions and sequencing on this amazing apparatus. During this 4-session mini series, we will work around the bar and up in the ropes as well. This apparatus highlights strength, control, fluidity, and dynamism. 6 Students Max | Pre-requisites: ability to hook your knees on the bar Rate: $120 October more »

Aerial Workshops with Rachel Strickland and Anastasia Sauvage

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About Rachel Strickland | TRAINING: Specializing in solo aerial hoop, fabric, corde lisse, flexibility, and dance. PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS: Kinetic Arts Productions – “Salvage” 2015 dance choreographer, aerial hoop soloist Circus Automatic – “Raised by Wolves” 2015 hoop soloist, water dance/handloop Irish Aerial Dance Festival, Letterkenny, Ireland June 2011-present, presented by Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Aerial hoop, flexibility, corde lisse, choreography more »

Youth Aerial Silks Series – Starts September 11th

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Youth Aerial Silks Series This class is aimed at youth aged 10-17. A multi-level Aerial Silks class designed to increase strength and flexibility, Aerial awareness, Aerial vocabulary, and inspire confidence! Younger or older students are welcome with instructor approval. All skills and abilities welcomed! This is an inclusive, positive space! Sessions will continue throughout the year- commit for four weeks more »

Static Cloud Workshop – August 19th at 4pm

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Static Cloud Workshop | August 19, 2017 and August 26th at 4pm  Looking to try a different kind of static apparatus? What about Static Cloud? Static Cloud is a fixed Cloud Swing Rope where we can explore dance like combinations similar to hammock and dance trapeze. Make sure you wear long fitted tights and a long sleeved fitted shirt to more »