Arne Bystrom – December Workshops – 2023

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Mind Expanding Circus
12/9 2:30-4:30pm
2 hours | $100 | Ages 10+ | 12 participants max./4 participants min. | All skill levels
An invitation for any interested humans to join in a focused exploration of our intuitive self-awareness using circus. Through playful acrobatic movement and object manipulation we will expand the limits of what we believe ourselves to be capable of.
The goal of this workshop is to unlock each participant’s potential for self-directed, non-structured physical learning.
By emphasizing the role of intuition and self-awareness in any and all physical practices, and using the confidence-building tools offered to us by acrobatics and object manipulation, we will get to know ourselves better, face our fears, and empower our inherent instinct to learn and grow through play.
Coordinated Effort
12/10 3:00-6:00pm
3 hours | $150 | Ages 12+ | 12 participants max./4 participants min. | Experience required: Acro or Tumbling level 1 (or able to do cartwheel, forward roll, and 30 second wall handstand)
When we collaborate we can do incredible things. Humans are social animals, and group acrobatics is a perfect example of the heights that we can attain when we put our bodies and minds together.
We will learn to act as a group through trust-building, communication, and spotting exercises, including practicing group “mind-reading” by learning to recognize and react to each other’s subtle physical cues.
There will be some acrobatic fundamentals such as how to find your stability and reinforce it in others, and how to surrender yourself to trust when others take responsibility for your safety.
The goal of this workshop will be to effectively move and think together as we build human pyramids, create evocative acrobatic tableaus, and lift each other to new heights upon a foundation of confidence in ourselves and the group.
Dynamic Duos
12/15 6:30-8:30pm
2 hours | $120 | Ages 12+ | 10 participants max./4 participants min. | Only for pre-existing duos (or small groups) | Experience required: Intermediate Tumbling, Acro, or other partner discipline (Walking in two-high, low hand-to-hand/foot-to-hand, or equivalent)
They say two minds are better than one, but with a bit of practice two human bodies can attain a common awareness that allows them to think and act as one. All partner or group circus disciplines depend on deep connection and awareness, and this workshop is meant to build and strengthen exactly that.
We will use exercises including breath synchronization, improvised mirroring, and guided blind movement to help acrobatic partners to physically attune to each other. There will be an emphasis on non-verbal communication and reading each other’s physical impulses to unlock the ability to move in perfect unison and coordination.
There will also be time to get coaching and feedback on specific skills, and advice on creating a progressive goal list for future technical training.
This is a chance for existing pairs or groups to expand their shared trust, awareness, and communication and to learn collaborative techniques that can be applied at any skill level.
Spotlight on Manipulation
12/16 2:30-4:30
2 hours | $100 | Ages 10+ | 12 participants max./3 participants min. | Experience required: Intermediate juggling or object manipulation (4 object juggling, 6 object passing, face balancing, or other intermediate skills)
A chance to take your object manipulation to the next level, with a specific eye towards what works onstage and why.
We will develop skills like combining juggling with captivating movement, pacing routines to keep them interesting and understandable for the public, including props in physical storytelling, setting a tone/aesthetic, and finding the skills that capture each participant’s unique “signature” style.
If you are passionate about object manipulation but unsure of how to effectively share that passion with an audience, or you want to combine artistry and storytelling with your technical skills, this workshop is a great place to start.