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pole dancing at emerald city trapezeHave you ever wanted to learn how to pole dance? Here at Emerald City Trapeze in Seattle, we have two great pole dancing classes starting this week with Lynnette, Lizzy and Danae! Get your sexy swing on in our drop-in Beginner Pole Dance Class or join the Pole Dance for Athletes Series to give your workout a brand new twist. With choreographed routines and inspiring dance moves, these classes are guaranteed to satisfy. Whether you’re a wallflower ready to bloom or ready to expand your pole prowess, call the studio or book online for these fantastic additions to the ECTA acrobatic lineup!

Beginner Pole Dance Class

Pole Dance for Beginners is a fun and upbeat pole dance class that combines contemporary, hip hop and club dance styles with spins, tricks and climbs of pole dancing. This class will keep you moving, grooving, stretching, and strengthening.  You will learn how to how to fluidly transition in between movements, execute a set of beginner pole moves with grace, and prepare your body with conditioning exercises that will help you progress to more advanced tricks quickly. Prepare to have fun, sweat, and challenge yourself.

Class Details
Saturdays 6:00pm – 7:30pm; starts June 7
Drop-In Class, $25 or use your Frequent Shakedown Card!
No Pre-Requisites; Co-Ed
Instructors: Lynnette Barnier and Lizzy Schwartz

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Pole Dancing At Emerald City TrapezePole Choreography for Aerialists and Athletes

Pole Choreography for Aerialists and Athletes will take your pole dance to a new level of artistry and awareness.  We will deepen our understanding of pole dance moves gained in the beginner series as we integrate our skills into fluid pole combos and that will flow into and out of floor dance choreography.   We will continue to condition our bodies for even greater strength and control on the pole and will explore new ways of approaching choreography and movement through fun and mind-bending exercises.  This is a co-taught class by Danae Montreuille and Lynnette Barnier.

Class details
Sundays 6:00pm – 8:00pm; starts June 8th
6-Week Series; $150
Pre-Requisites: 3 Straddle-Ups or 3 Pull-ups; Co-Ed
Instructors: Lynnette Barnier and Danae Montreuil

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