Emerald City Trapeze – NEW Classes! Tumbling, Bungee, and Cyr Wheel

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Circus in Seattle Learn Acrobatics at Emerald City Trapeze

Circus in Seattle Learn Acrobatics at Emerald City Trapeze

Get ready for summer by diving into our brand new acrobatics class. Emerald City Trapeze is one of the very first studios in the Seattle area to offer Cry Wheel and Bungee classes. Whether you are dreaming of running away to the circus or simply looking for a unique way to get in shape for the beach, Emerald City Trapeze’s new classes will fire up your arsenal.

Intro to Tumbling


Have you ever felt so happy you could flip, but not know how?  Tumbling has arrived at Emerald City and we are primed to help you learn that flip! We are excited to welcome the enchanting Katie Herndon back the Pacific Northwest and to ECTA. Come join Katie in one of her tumbling classes and learn the basics of tumbling that not only will help you increase your awesome quotient, but also help with the flexibility that will allow you to improve you flying and aerial skills.

Get ready to roll! Start with a heart-pumping warm-up and prepare to find your inner-cartwheeling kid! Katie Herndon will safely walk you through basic tumbling moves like somersaults, cartwheels and handstands. More advanced moves will include walkovers, round-offs and handsprings! Each class will begin and end with stretching and conditioning, so come prepared to sweat and leave smiling!

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Intro to Bungee ~ Starts July 16th!

Combine the basics of tumbling and the explosive excitement of trampoline with the freedom of flight and you’ve got Acro-Bungee! Using our bodies as a natural weight and counter balance, we will explore the fundamentals of static bungee (attached at the hips) including discovering and improving core aerial balance, creating and maintaining height, and eventually moving on to poses, tricks and flips. A very tight fitting, climbing-style safety harness will be worn throughout class. Please wear form-fitting athletic clothing that will not “bunch” in the midsection. Prepare for 90-minutes of fast-moving bouncy action!

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Cyr Wheel ~ Saturday, July 5! 

The Cyr Wheel has existed as a gymnastic sport since 1925, recently growing in popularity due to its exposure as a circus apparatus.  A smooth learning curve allows students to progress at their own pace as you learn to understand the movement of the Cyr Wheel inside and out.  Students will learn to balance on a single pointed spin and eventually learn to maintain speed and master new tricks.

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What is Cyr Wheel? Check it out!