NEW Tramp Wall and Trampoline Workshop With Mo!

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Have you ever wanted to better your skills of understanding Tramp Wall or Trampoline? Have you ever been training by yourself, and ended up stuck, or stumped. Stagnant in progress because something just won’t click? Let’s begin to change that. Come check out the trampwall workshop with emphasis on not only practicing trampwall… but understanding each step of every trick. In this workshop we will b learning the fundamentals of controlling both timing and positioning, and how each relate to each other and also create a chain of basic skills to branch out to any and every idea you may have to try. you will build the work ethic that will create a limitless potential on trampwall.

Prerequisites – must be able to have fun!

1 instructor
5 students
Cost: $60

About Coach Mo!

Coach Mo has been a wild and free spirit from the very beginning. Growing up as a child he anxiously claimed to his parents he was going to be the Red Power Ranger. Though he was young, and small, that did not keep him from having a good time flipping and rolling around in the grass. At the age of 6 they finally gave into his outrageous energy and enrolled him into competitive gymnastics. He quickly fell in love with the art of crazy flips and high flying acrobatics and continued the sport for another 13 years. After graduating high school and “retiring” from competitive gymnastics, he still had an acrobatic urge for the art of movement. He began training on trampolines by himself as a new outlet for his endless energy and soon after discovered the anomaly we know as trampwall. Coach Mo has had the honor and pleasure of working and training with some of the best trampwall artist in the world of the past 4.5 years and soaking up as much information, advice and knowledge from them as possible. That knowledge transfers to his work quite beautifully and is a reflection of his passion for the art of movement. Coach Mo has been doing professional shows now for about 4 years and will continue to make the absolute most of his circus career. On June 26th he will be leaving to Australia for the next 4 months on a touring show.

Dates: Drop-in Style
6/16, 6/22, 6/23 at 5pm
6/18, 6/25 at 6:30pm

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