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Emerald City Trapeze Rope Aerial Arts

Emerald City Trapeze Rope Aerial Arts Get ready to amp up your workout and challenge your body to greater heights! Emerald City Trapeze now offers Beginner Rope courses for those who want to sculpt, tone, and prep their bodies for the beautiful world of aerial arts. Once you graduate from the beginner session, you can move onto Intermediate rope where you will work with the rope to explore the world of strength and movement. Can’t decide which aerial class is for you? Aerial Mixed Apparatus is the perfect solution. You will have the chance to try out a variety of aerial equipment to find your favorite!

Beginner Rope

In the beginning there was rope.  And one day, two sweet girls by the name of Jenny and Meredith stumbled across said rope, and magic began to happen.  Come experience some of that same magic and learn how to harness and master this magical rope yourself.  These two sweet girls will break down the basics of rope, from climbing to inverting and throwing in some drops and locks along your journey.  Your core strength will be challenged but strengthened and we are bound to make you sweaty…….or glisten.

This class will offer you the key elements you need to build your aerial strength and stamina to keep you on higher ground! Although similar to silks in terms of technique, rope does produce a bit more friction. Please make sure that your lower back and knees are covered.

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Intermediate Rope


[uh-tom-ik] adjective
1. of, pertaining to, resulting from, or using atoms or atomik energy or atomik bombs
2. propelled or driven by atomik energy

Remember that sweet girl we told you about? Jenny? Did you know her last name is Atomik? Jenny brings all that makes her Atomik to her intermediate rope class.  This class is open to all who have graduated from Beginning Rope.  This class will push you further on your rope journey as you learn more complex moves and tricks.  Come and become atomik yourself!

Intermediate Rope takes your skills learned in Beginner Rope to the next level. You will begin to learn to combine your “trick database” with smooth transitions. You will become more spatially aware and more comfortable on the rope and learn to explore new movements and vertical possibilities.  Along with strengthening and conditioning exercises to help you reach your goals, this class is designed to help you develop and climb to higher heights!

Pre-requisites: Graduation from Beginner Rope or with Instructor Approval

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Mixed Apparatus

We will utilize a variety of apparatus’ in this class to diversify your aerial arsenal! We will explore how your current (or growing!) vocabulary can be applied to a new apparatus, or give you the opportunity to try a new one if you are looking to hone your study. Class will focus on building strength, cross-training, and clean technique. Apparatus used may include: Silks, Hoop, Rope, and Static Trapeze. Suitable for all levels!

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