NEW Wellness Workshop – Starts August 5th

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Dates: August 5th, August 12th, August 19th, August 26th
Rate: $120
This workshop will be a 4 week course: 1 hour/1 day a week
Needed: Notepad and pen

Week 1: Training begins: Goals and Intentions
During the first week, we will spend the hour setting goals and intentions as an aerialist and talk about how we can achieve them.

  • Goals: future aspirations for circus
  • Intentions: focus on present day. Setting daily intentions to reach our goals
  • Purpose to training: For fun, professional, for fitness, or social
  • What you are looking to get out of training?
  • Breakdown of how we will go about doing so, and in the most optimal way

Week 2: Mental awareness while training, auditioning, and performing
During this week, we will begin to understand what goes through your mind while you are training, auditioning, and performing. How to become aware of our physical and mental feelings, and how can we engage them to help optimize our abilities as aerialists.

  • Breath-work
  • Energy received and released
  • Sleep pattern, training schedule
  • Primary food (careers, social life, cooking and food, finances, etc)
  • Secondary foods (nutritional aspect and energy level)

Week 3: Breaking down breakdowns and ruts, and how to change up routines
During this week we will spend the time specifically on breakdowns, ruts, and the different ways that we can dilute and work through them.

  • Why we get stuck on that one trick or move or method?
  • Learn to change our trainings and creations: Taking the time to step back and look at progress over perfection, have fun, and try new things, even if its not what you desperately want
  • Social: Who do you train with, how that affects mental blocks and clarity—peers and instructors

Week 4: The final bow: How to maintain your newfound mental practices

  • During this week we will elaborate on everything we discussed in the previous three weeks and how we can take-away these techniques to use them during our daily or weekly aerial trainings.
  • Over the course of the month, have you continued to maintain you intentions during training and taken steps towards your goal?

Tips and final thoughts on how the mind plays a factor in training, auditioning, and performing
About the instructor: Sarah Sutin has been an athlete her whole life but has spent that last 3 years teaching and performing as a Circus Artist. Since University, Sarah has invested hundreds of hours into research and understanding how to heal her body through physical, holistic, and whole food techniques. She is currently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach. After making these changes in her life she discovered a dramatic shift in her own behavior and body and soon realized so many people struggle with the same issues, so Sarah has made it her mission to reach out to others who need a boost in their wellness journey, and help guide them to be stronger, healthier, and happier beings. She recently started her own company Lighthouse Wellness Retreats to share her passion with the world. To learn more about what she does, check out

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