Catchers Workshop – Starts October 15th

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Catchers Workshop: Starts October 15th

Created for the flying trapeze student who wants to see what things are like from the other side of the rig, our Catching Class will teach students the fundamentals of catching. You’ll start off with the basics of a catch lock, including static strength and conditioning exercises before going up on the catchers’ trapeze itself. As you advance, you’ll begin to catch the other members of your class and improve your knowledge of height, timing, and adjusting both of them while in your lock to adapt to the flier.

Once your skills have reached a sufficient level, you’ll move onward to catching basic level flying trapeze classes under supervision, and then the sky’s the limit!


In order to join this class, students must be able to work their own board and perform basic flying trapeze tricks, such as the kneehang or set tricks such as a straddle whip or a planche.

Cost: $330.00

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