Slackline in Seattle at Emerald City Trapeze’s New Slackline Class!

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Slacklining at Emerald City Trapeze

New Classes at Emerald City Trapeze

Find some balance this summer! Jordan Tribble is here straight from Southern Cali to teach you the basics of slacklining and get you ready to show off your newfound tightrope skills. Classes will cover the basics of balancing on the line and move onto more advanced tricks and lengths of lines, with a focus on core strength and proper footwork. Come find out what all the excitement is about and ‘walk the line’ with Jordan!

What is Slacklining?

Slacklining is a balance sport very similar to tight rope walking. The key difference between the two is that slacklines are made of a dynamic or “bouncy” nylon webbing. This special material gives the line similar characteristics to a trampoline, allowing for impressive tricks and stunts. The simplicity and versatility of slacklining has created a vast and diverse community of “slackers” dedicated to practicing the sport in a variety of environments. – PTENSlacklines

Slackline for Beginners

Saturdays 12:30pm – 2:00pm; Starting June 14
Drop-in class; $25 per class or use your Frequent Shakedown Card!
No pre-requisites; Minimum 2 students; Maximum 6 students
Instructor: Jordan Tribble

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