Duo Trapeze | Duo Silks | Double Lyra – Workshops with Caitlyn Larsson

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Emerald City Trapeze Workshop with Caitlyn

This is your chance to learn Duo Trapeze, Duo Silks, and Double Lyra from the amazing Caitlyn Larsson! She is only in town for a few days!!!

***You must sign up for a workshop by Sunday, November 13th. Each class requires at least 6 students to run.***

About Caitlyn:

Caitlyn holds a BFA in theatre and education from New York University (Class of 2007), and after a brief stint as a professional tour director (If you look out the right side of the bus, you’ll see the Statue of Liberty), she discovered and fell in love with circus. After sprinting off to England for a whirlwind training at Circomedia in flying trapeze, aerial arts and acrobatics, Caitlyn became a roving circus vagrant, traveling the globe performing and teaching. She spent 2 years in San Juan, Puerto Rico, employed as the rig manager for Trapeze School New York, crafting shows for Bahia Urbana in Old San Juan, helping with the inaugural International Circus Festival in PR, and plotting ways to bring Clowns Without Borders to the island. She took some time to galavant around Fiji and New Zealand, attempting to surf and teaching workshops. There was a stint in San Francisco, meeting colorful West Oakland locals, and the direction of a full length circus show in Dallas before fleeing the country for some rest, relaxation and more workshops in SE Asia and Australia. Currently she can be found traveling the globe, performing and teaching wherever the opportunity arises. She will re-mount her one woman show SexBomb – Marilyn on the prowl and start grad school for Physiotherapy in 2017 in Melbourne.

All workshops will all be 1.5 hours in length.  6 person minimum, and a per student cost of $55.

Duo Trapeze – Basing and Flying – Saturday, November 19th at 10:00am
Doubles trapeze can seem quite intimidating to the novice eye, but many combinations can be achieved by people who have barely touched a trapeze. In this workshop, learn the safety and fundamentals of basing and flying while discovering body awareness in the air. Begin to feel comfortable trusting others with your weight and gain confidence in your strength and overall ability. For more advanced students, learn to embrace the joys of twisting and learn how to safely complete release tricks. Discover how fluid a routine can be as transitions turn into drops and the base becomes the flyer. Warning: first timers tend to leave these workshops feeling empowered and completely enamored with doubles trapeze. No partner required. Requirements: Ability to climb a rope or silk and invert solo on either static trap, silks, lyra or rope.
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Duo Silks – Feel the Squeeze – Sunday, November 20th at 11:30am
Do you love supporting other people? Letting others hang from you while enduring various amounts of pain and cinching? Then this is definitely the workshop for you. We will get an overview of a variety of different ways to hold weight while on the fabric and delve into the mechanics of balancing while doubled up in the air. There will also be directed play for the invention of new basing techniques. Then we will move past positions and into transitions – how to seamlessly move from one basing position to another, without your act looking like another “trick, pose” routine.
Pre-requisites: Ability to climb and invert in the air, an open mind about basing AND flying, and the mindset to always take care of the person who’s in the air with you.
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Double Lyra – Sunday, November 20th at 1:30pm
Lyra is a beautiful apparatus, though it often seems to be best suited for never dizzying contortionists. For those of us who don’t fold up like a pretzel, double lyra is seldom tapped goldmine of stunning poses, innovative basing, and graceful transitions. It’s a fantastic vessel for creating exciting new work with ample opportunity for heavy character work. Requirements: Ability to invert and sit up on lyra without assistance.
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