Aerial Silks Workshops with Anastasia Sauvage

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Starting on Sunday, April 29, 2018

Silks Workshops with Anastasia Sauvage
One day only! Two workshops to try! All the action happens on April 29th, 2018!
Less Is More – Sunday, April 29th @ 2:30pm ($65.00)
Is your act feeling a bit busy or monotonous? Curious where and how you can make it more meaningful? Here you will learn how to express more through simplicity by filtering out unnecessary movement. Define and highlight the major themes of sequences to convey meaning. Discover where to add space, speed up or slow down, and infuse your uniqueness. In this workshop, we will take sequences and moves apart in order to put them back together in a cleaner, personal, and more streamlined way through various exercises and drills on silks. Feel free to bring a sequence you’re working on.
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Multidimensional Entries – April 29th, 2018 @ 4:30pm ($65.00)
Nothing is more of a yawn-fest than watching a silks routine where you can predict what’s going to happen next (especially with drops)! In this workshop we will cover creative, mind bending, unpredictable entries into simple wraps (such as S-Wrap, Foot Lock, etc.) to add texture and life to your practice. We will add the new entries to various drops and sequences. Prepare to have your fabric brain blown!
Workshop Pre-Req’s: Ability to invert cleanly in the air, 3 minutes of stamina in the air, knowledge of basic wraps and drops (ie. S-Wrap, Foot Locks, Salto, Double Star).

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