NEW Straps Workshop with Erwan Choux!!! Starts October 12th!

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4-Week Straps Workshops! Starts October 12th!

Week 1: Discovering the Straps Have you ever wanted to to try aerial straps but didn’t know were to start? Wether you are an adept or novice aerialist, there will be plenty for you to discover about aerial straps in this session! Yes the rumors are true, most of straps is strength conditioning! We will go over basic body preparation for success in this difficult discipline and you will learn some fun spins and positions to take away as well. Come and see what straps is all about! Fit for anyone with the desire to see if aerial straps might be the right thing for them.

Week 2: Transferring to and from other apparati Aerial straps is EXCELLENT cross training for EVERY other aerial discipline! Come along and see how this apparatus can make you stronger and fitter for silks, hoops, trapeze and more! Also we will be playing with the knowledge that you already have from other disciples and seeing where it can fir into your straps vocabulary. Fit for anyone who has some experience working on aerial apparati of some kind.

Weeks 3 and 4: Advancing forward the only place to go from here is up! In this workshop, we will be moving toward learning advanced switches, spins, and rollups. High level of strength will mean you will be able to do more of the tricks we teach. Fir for advanced aerialists- however you are more than welcome to come to see how the tricks are done, even if you feel you aren’t ready to try them yet, you will know how to learn them in the future!

Price: $60.00 per 1.5 hour session

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NOTE: This class is being offered as an on-going series with drop-in opportunity. Feel free to sign up as a “drop-in” student or all four sessions!

Erwan Choux’s Bio:

Straps and hand to hand are two incredibly versatile disciplines that I specialized in during my circus BA in the UK’s National Centre for Circus Arts. I also have advanced skills in duo trapeze, juggling, and clowning. Originally, I am from Limoges, France and I started circus when I was six by joining a street theatre company called “les enfants terribles” which means “terrible children”, and indeed I was. They grew a passion in me with training in theatre, clown, juggling, acrobatics and acrobalance. They also gave me the tools I needed to become a focused, driven and motivated circus student. I was so passionate about circus that I auditioned for the only secondary (high school) circus school in Europe. I devoted three years there, developing my skills in dance, theatre, acrobalance and teeterboard. Sharing my passion for circus, creativity, the arts and inspiring people to push their preconceived limits is what I love, and live to do.